Dialogue for Peggy

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  • Peggy: Hello there!
  • Select an option
    • How are you?
      • Peggy: This is my favourite time of the year! Of course, I can't join in as much as I want anymore. You should have seen me back in the day. I would dance long into the night.
      • Player: Yetis can dance?
      • Peggy: Oh yes, the dance of the yeti is a beautiful thing to behold.
      • (Returns to the previous options.)
    • Can you tell me about Yeti Town?
      • Peggy: Yeti Town is one of the oldest yeti towns. The history of the yeti is quite broken, but before then as we were quite nomadic, having to travel a lot to find a safe place to live.
      • Peggy: However, here in Yeti Town we are the most free we have ever been. To the point we can now have a festival to celebrate the wonders of yeti life!
      • (Returns to the previous options.)
    • Was this town built by yetis?
      • Peggy: I think you've caught us out! No, I believe this town was once inhabited by littlefoots like you!
      • Player: What happened to the hum- I mean littlefoots that lived here before?
      • Peggy: That knowledge has been swept away in the snow, I'm afraid. Maybe they abandoned it, maybe a spell was cast over them all, maybe we ate them!
      • Player: You ate them?
      • Peggy: Don't be silly! We're actually quite civilised.
      • (Returns to the previous options.)
    • Farewell.
      • Peggy: You have a good time now!