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Lord Zaros defeated? I do not believe this. Even so, I am confident in his ability, in his power - he shall endure, he shall return. I must keep the faith with my fetials. Our faith must remain strong, as should our resolve. Our duties shall not change - ours is a holy decree, and we shall serve until the bitter end, and beyond if we must. Even death cannot stop us, and I shall make sure the other priests understand this. I shall have to consider how I word things, however, for I know what the fetials call me behind my back. 'Pater Dis' - the translation isn't quite right, but I take it they mean 'Hell Father'. If only they knew how close to the truth that was. I will admit it is a clever name, and if I ever discover who coined it, I shall make sure to praise their creativity...right before I kill them. Even in jest, I cannot allow gossip that even skirts close to the true nature of my appointment to Kharid-et. This fortress, or rather the secrets it contains, are far too valuable to the empire, even more so with the loss of our Lord Zaros. And should the soldiers fail to keep them safe, then I am placed to do whatever I must to bury them.

Most of the guard accompanying the Praetor are clueless - devout, true, but hired muscle nonetheless - however, I have noted that she and some of her officers carry the secret mark of the Cult. I must find a way to counsel with them and the Praetor alone, away from prying eyes. I presume she has been sent here for similar reasons to why I was posted here...but I need to be surreptitious in how I broach this subject with her, lest she is as clueless as the rest of this fort.

-Pater Lucius Castillius