Dialogue for Panning guide

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  • Player: Hello, who are you?
  • Panning guide: Hello, I am the panning guide. I teach students how to pan in these waters. They're not permitted to do so until after they've had training and, of course, they must be invited to pan here too.
  • Player: So, how do I become invited?
  • Panning guide: I'm not supposed to let people pan here unless they have permission. Mind you, I could let you have a go if you're willing to do me a favour...
  • Player: What's that?
  • Panning guide: Well, to be honest, what I would really like is a nice cup of tea!
  • Player: Tea?
  • Panning guide: Absolutely, I'm parched!
  • Panning guide: If you could bring me one of those, I would be more than willing to let you pan here. I usually get some from the main campus building, but I'm busy at the moment.