Dialogue for Palmer (Summer Beach Party)

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Normally[edit | edit source]

  • (Only if not asked last:)
    • What's going on here?
      • Palmer: These coconut trees have some fantastic produce on them, well worth farming them.
      • Harvesting from the coconut trees gives you farming experience. You can gain extra experience for delivering the coconuts to the coconut shy.
      • (Returns to the previous options.)
  • (Only if not asked last:)
    • How are things going?
      • Palmer: My lovely bunch of coconuts is keeping me happy, although I would rather that big creature didn't keep popping out of the crater and scaring me.
      • Palmer: What is that thing? Reyna said it is something to do with the energy of the area and that it's tied to here, but I'm not sure that makes me feel any better.
      • (Returns to the previous options.)
  • (Only after asking something else:)
    • Bye.
      • Palmer: Enjoiy your time on the beach.

With the Sandy Clue Scroll[edit | edit source]

  • Palmer: Oo, a stranger left this for you!
  • You are handed a [casket!/scrollboix[sic].]