Dialogue for Padulah

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  • Padulah: What do you want?
    • Oh, nothing in particular really.
      • Padulah: Well stop distracting me then. I'm meant to be guarding this sacred statue from the temple of Marimbo.
        • Where is the temple of Marimbo?
          • Padulah: You're not from around here are you?
            • Actually I'm not. I'm a visitor from foreign lands.
              • Padulah: Very well, the temple is to the east of the village.
        • What is the statue of?
          • Padulah: It's of Marimbo, you cretin!
            • Ah yes. How stupid of me not to see the likeness.
        • I'll be back later
          • Padulah: I wouldn't count on it.
            • What?!
              • Padulah: Oh, nothing.