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In Legends' Guild[edit | edit source]

Conversation 1[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: It was you?
  • Ozan: Ha ha ha!
  • Ariane: It's not funny, Ozan!
  • Ozan: It is, though! The look on your face...
  • Ariane: I risked life and limb to retrieve those artefacts for the museum. Then I find out that you had stolen them from the museum again!
  • Ozan: The artefacts were in storage. They'd finished studying them.
  • Ariane: You never finish studying something.
  • Ozan: We've often had to steal museum artefacts for a mission.
  • Ariane: Yes, when we needed something and the museum wouldn't give it up, and then we returned them afterwards. Ozan stole these for private collectors.
  • Ozan: Aw, it was just from a museum. It wasn't like I took food from poor families...

Conversation 2[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: That old man nearly took down the Tower. Traiborn had to break out one of his thingummywuts.
  • Ariane: Ozan, you must have heard stories about him.
  • Ozan: Hundreds. They can't possibly be true, though. I know exaggeration when I see it.

Conversation 3[edit | edit source]

  • Ozan: Hey, it's our newest guild member!
  • Ozan: I told you Player would make it into the guild. Didn't I tell you?
  • Ariane: Several times, at length.
    • It was nothing.
      • Player: It was nothing.
      • Ozan: I don't think you understand what being an adventurer is all about.
      • Ozan: It's about the legend! The glory! Bards will sing of our exploits for generations - but only if we teach them the songs!
        • What about you, Ariane?
          • Player: What about you, Ariane?
          • Ariane: It's about making the world a better place.
        • Goodbye.
          • Player: Goodbye.
    • It was one of many epic adventures!
      • Player: It was one of many epic adventures!
      • Ozan: I know! I've heard the stories about you. I've passed some of them on myself!
      • Ariane: Changing them to stories about you.
      • Ariane: Or inserting yourself as the one who saves the day.
      • Ozan: Don't listen to her, Player! All my stories are the unembellished facts.
      • Ariane: That's the tallest tale I've heard for a while.
    • Who are you people?
      • Player: Who are you people?
      • Ariane: I'm sorry, I thought you knew each other.
      • Ariane: Player, sadly there's just the two of us at the moment. This is Ozan.
      • Ariane: We have not seen Sir Owen here for some time...
      • Ozan: No need to introduce yourself, Player. Ariane has told me all about you.
      • Ariane: You're a worthy addition to the guild.
    • Goodbye.
      • Player: Goodbye.

Conversation 4[edit | edit source]

  • Ozan: Okay, you got into the tomb. How big was it?
  • Ariane: It was about fifty metres long, ten wide, and five high.
  • Ozan: No, no! I don't want to know its measurements. You've got to say how big it was!
  • Ariane: I just said...
  • Ozan: You need to give a sense of how big it was. Your flickering torchlight could not penetrate the dust to the far wall. The sound of your footfalls was lost in the immensity as the weight of ages pressed down on you...
  • Ariane: Um, alright. It was...very big?
  • Ozan: That's a start. What did you find in the tomb?
  • Ariane: There were fourteen skeletons in various states of-
  • Ozan: Ah! So you battled with the skeletons! Unsleeping guardians, enraged at your intrusion into-
  • Ariane: No, ordinary skeletons. The old king's servants had been buried in the outer chamber to provide for him in the next life.
  • Ozan: The old king's guards had been buried there to protect him, and you fought them with magic fireballs! No one wants to hear a story about burial customs.
  • Ariane: Well, okay. Whgen I had...got past...the skeletons, there was a locked door. I had to figure out its mechanism.
  • Ozan: While the walls were closing in? With spikes?
  • Ariane: No, there was no pressure. Actually, I left the tomb at that point to read up on that type of mechanism, back at the Tower.
  • Ozan: You can't make an exciting story about reading books! No, the walls were closing in, and you got the door open just in time. And, on the other side, you saw...
  • Ariane: There was a marble sarcophagus about three metres-
  • Ozan: *Ahem*
  • Ariane: A...huge...marble sarcophagus...studded with jewels, and carved into a...terrifying visage.
  • Ozan: That's better. And then?
  • Ariane: Inside the sarcophagus...inside the sarcophagus, I found the king's burial mask, solid gold and carved all over with hieroglyphics.
  • Ozan: An ancient artefact of mystical power!
  • Ariane: It wasn't...
  • Ariane: An ancient artefact...whose powers we have yet to unlock.
  • Ozan: There! You're getting the idea. Now change the main character to me, and you've got the perfect story!

Repeatable dialogue[edit | edit source]

Demon Slayer[edit | edit source]

Ozan: I found Sir Prysin in the Blue Moon Inn the other day, telling everyone how he single-handedly defeated Delrith!

Ozan: Don't worry, I set the record straight and told everyone it was you who killed the demon.

Ozan: After that, I turned the conversation back around to myself and my own fantastic demon-slaying exploits, of course! I can't let your reputation to surpass mine!

Legends' Quest[edit | edit source]

Ozan: I heard the story that Radimus Erkle's been telling about you in the Legends' Guild. I don't know how you got him to buy it! I mean, I've been known to exaggerate, but I keep it plausible.

Ozan: Mapping a whole swathe of jungle by yourself! Going toe-to-toe with Nezikchened and defeating him - three times?

Ozan: Normally I embellish the stories I tell about you, but this one I'm having to tone down or people will laugh me off the stage!

While Guthix Sleeps[edit | edit source]

Ozan: Hazelmere, dead. Cyrisus, dead. Lucien is going to pay for that someday.

Ozan: I should have been there. The Crux Eqal recruited me, Owen and Ariane to attack another of Lucien's bases, but it turned out he'd already obtained it.

Ilona[edit | edit source]

Ozan: So, the other day, I went out with a cute wizard apprentice, Ilona, and she told me how you rescued her from a cult in the Lumbridge Catacombs.

Ozan: I told her some stories about my adventures, but she kept turning the conversation back to you!

Ozan: If anyone asks about the time you and I got shipwrecked together and had to fight a horde of zombie trolls, or the time I saved you from the lair of the fire spiders, just nod, okay?

Zanik and Ozan[edit | edit source]

Ozan: I've been adventuring with your friend Zanik lately. We teamed up to steal back some gold that the H.A.M. group had taken from Varrock Palace.

Ozan: We got in and out without being spotted, and returned the money. Well, we returned most of the money. Some of it might have ended up paying for that holiday we took together down to Oo'glog...

Ozan: She thinks very highly of you, you know. She says you saved her city and defeated an evil god, and when I look into those big eyes I can't believe she's exaggerating.

World-saving[edit | edit source]

Ozan: Whoa, slow down there with the world-saving! At this rate, people will be telling more stories about you than me!

Ozan: Still, I have to hand it to you, I couldn't have done much better myself.

The Champion of Crandor[edit | edit source]

Ozan: Hey, you're the Champion of Crandor! Eviscerator of Elvarg! Dragon's Doom!

Ozan: How Elvarg burned Crandor used to be one of my standard stories, but no one wants to hear it any more - they want to hear how you killed the dragon.

Ozan: So, congratulations: you've become a story, and you've earned me a few storytelling coins in the taverns around here.

Poetry and Love[edit | edit source]

Ozan: Did you hear? Gudrun is settling down! She's marrying a dwarf poet!

Ozan: I guess that means no more nights out on the town with her. All the times she drank me under the table at the Blue Moon Inn...

Ozan: If poetry can make someone marry you, I'd better watch out! I don't want to wake up one morning and find I'd accidentally gotten married the night before!

Defender of Varrock[edit | edit source]

Ozan: Hartwin tells me that you were there when those zombies attacked Varrock. I was there too - we must have missed each other.

Ozan: I guess I should thank you for saving the city! We can't let Varrock be destroyed. It's where I keep all my things! And all the things that aren't mine yet, but I'll get around to stealing someday...

Master Thief of RuneScape[edit | edit source]

Ozan: I'm going to have to step up my game, Player! After what you did for Darren Lightfinger and his guild, it looks like I've got a challenger for the title of Master Thief of RuneScape!

Ozan: I'll need to steal something truly epic. Perhaps the Crown Jewels of Falador...or the River Salve...

Juna[edit | edit source]

Ozan: I heard you're another Tear of Guthix drinker! Juna is one tough audience, isn't she?

Ozan: She peers at me with those reptile eyes and all my banter dries up. She's got mental powers or something - I think it might be impossible to lie to her.

Olaf the Bard[edit | edit source]

Ozan: Olaf the Bard has been repeating the song you played in the Rellekka Longhall! It sounds like you're a contender for RuneScape's second-best musician. The very best being me, of course!

Ozan: I often play on the enchanted Fremennik harp. It's true! But when I tell Olaf of that, he accuses me of being dishonest.

Heroes' Guild[edit | edit source]

Ozan: Achiettes tells me she let you try for Heroes' Guild membership. Clearly she was impressed by all the stories I'd told about you! She says you got in, too. Congratulations!

Ozan: She set me a fiendish set of tasks, and every time I came back, she thought of another one. I'm not sure those later tasks were strictly to do with Heroes' Guild membership, though...

Special dialogue[edit | edit source]

Varrock Castle[edit | edit source]

  • Guard: I've got you now, you thief! You've broken into the palace for the last time.
  • Player: What's happening here?
  • Guard: I caught this man breaking into the palace. I need to hold him here until Captain Rovin comes to take him into custody.
  • Ozan: I was already inside. You caught me breaking out!
  • Guard: Alright, I caught this man breaking out of the palace. He was stealing Queen Ellamaria's bedroom slippers!
  • Ozan: Tell the story properly, man! I leaped from the battlements into the branches of a yew tree, scaled the perimeter wall, and jumped down here, where I knew my accomplice would be waiting.
  • Guard: Accomplice!
  • Player: Accomplice? What?
  • Guard: Accomplice Watt! You're under arrest for aiding a notorious criminal!
  • Ozan teleports away
  • Guard: ...that was a distraction. He's gone, isn't he?
  • Player: Yes.
  • Ozan: Thank you, stranger! I will sing the tale of how you aided Ozan, the Master Thief!

Port Sarim Jail[edit | edit source]

  • Ozan: Look at me! I'm in Port Sarim jail!
  • Player: I'm sorry?
  • Ozan: No prison cell can hold Ozan, the Master Thief! They say he's broken out of every prison cell in Gielinor!
  • Ozan: At least that's what they should say. But no one believes I've broken out of Port Sarim.
  • Ozan: So, I let myself get caught smuggling Karamja Rum, in the bottom of the Entrana Monks' ship - but that's another story - and I waited here for someone to come along so you could...
  • Ozan: Watch this!

Ozan pick-locks the door and walks out

  • Ozan: And there we are!
  • Ozan: Farewell! Tell your friends about the day you saw Ozan, Master Thief of Gielinor, escape from Port Sarim jail!

Thieves' Guild[edit | edit source]

  • Ozan: Player! I didn't know you were a member of the Thieves' Guild!
  • Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger: Not only a member, Ozan. Player helped us to get the Guild up and running.
  • Ozan: Haha! Darren, you rogue, I knew you'd swindle someone into doing all your work for you!
  • Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger: That's not how it was at all, Ozan. Player here may be the best thief in the Guild.
  • Ozan: I have a competitor! I must go and plan a truly elaborate heist. One that will live on in legend for a thousand years!
  • Ozan: Farewell, Player!
  • Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger: That Ozan...if the stories he told about himself were all true, he could be a guild full of thieves on his own. I think he's mostly hot air, though.
  • Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger: Anyway, back to work.
  • Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger: ...
  • Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger: Robin, have you seen my pocket watch? I'm sure I had it a moment ago...

Shifting Tombs[edit | edit source]

Attempting to enter before talking to Ozan[edit | edit source]

  • Ozan: Wait!
  • Ozan: Come talk to me first. That is not a happy place.

Talking to Ozan (first time)[edit | edit source]

  • Player: So, about these tombs beneath the city?
  • Ozan: You should totally check them out - they are full of treasures!
  • Player: I was more thinking about helping people and returning stolen property...
  • Ozan: Yeah, right! You want to know about the mad stacks of loot down there, and experience aplenty! In fact, if experience is your thing, you should check out these four statues and braziers before heading in, pick what you want to learn about.
  • Player: Well, I mean, I'm sure that will come in handy as well.
  • Ozan: You can't hang about down there, though. There's some magic protecting these old tombs. They shift around all the time to disorient tomb robbers, and to protect the treasures and secrets of the pharaohs of old. And whatever Amascut is doing down there is creating this icky, green corruption stuff. I swear, I can't stay down there for more than five minutes before having to come up for fresh air. I dread to think what would happen to me if I stayed any longer.
  • (Continues below)

Afterwards[edit | edit source]

  • Ozan: Hey, how are things going down there? I haven't been able to find Amascut yet, nor the Kharid-ib, unfortunately. I hope you're having better luck...or at least having fun!
  • Ozan: Any questions about these shifting tombs?
  • Ask about shifting tombs?
    • What's down there?
      • Ozan: In one word: opportunity! There is a wealth of knowledge and, more importantly, valuable trinkets in the tombs of long-dead pharaohs below us. These tombs are magically warded to deter grave robbers, though, so you'll find that they are ever- changing. There do seem to be a few constants, though - the most notable of which are sealed chests - each requires a certain skill to unlock, sometimes one which you might not have...but if someone else unlocks it first, you can search it for your share of loot.
        Also, there is a crystallised form of the corruption to mine through, and lots of urns that you should smash. It may seem odd, but if you smash enough urns, you become empowered, and can mine through a lot of corrupt crystals very quickly! Then there are sarcophagi, each sealed with a combination - inspect each sarcophagus carefully, then look for nearby panels to open it. Finally, you'll need to find the exit. If you don't escape within the time limit, you'll lose out on some of what you found, as it gets lost to the corruption. Oh, there's actually one last thing! You won't have time to do everything alone...so take others with you. Together, you should be able to find everything, and everyone can share in the bounty. There is no downside for other people helping you!
    • What are the statues and braziers for?
      • Ozan: That's where you decide what sort of an experience you'll gain in the tombs. Each of the four statues you activate will gain the favour of a lesser god, and you'll learn different things from them.
      • Activate each statue to start receiving XP in the relevant skill, from activities within the tombs below:
        Apmeken - Thieving
        Crondis - Construction
        Het - Dungeoneering
        Scabaras - Agility
      • Ozan: It's the same deal with the braziers in front of each statue, though to a lesser degree. Those are for different skills that you'll gain less experience in, when within the tombs below.
      • Light each brazier to start receiving XP in the relevant skill, from activities within the tombs below:
        Apmeken - Runecrafting
        Crondis - Crafting
        Het - Divination
        Scabaras - Prayer
      • Ozan: The tombs will reward you more if you're higher levels in these skills too!
      • Once you reach a certain level across all the aforementioned skills, you will have access to higher tier experience rates: Tier 1: Level 50+ Tier 2: Level 70+ Tier 3: Level 90+
      • Ozan: Don't just take my word for it, though. You should inspect each of the statues and braziers, and activate those of interest to you.
    • There's a time limit?
      • Ozan: Yeah, whatever Amascut is doing down there, it's having some sort of corrupting effect. If we spend too long down there at one time, I fear it might affect us. I wouldn't spend more than five minutes down there before coming back up for some fresh air. More importantly, you need to find and use the exit BEFORE your time runs out, else you'll lose out on some of what you've found down there.
      • Player: Will it affect me?
      • Ozan: Hey, I'm sure you'll be fine - just don't risk it and put it to the test. Once your time is up, you can always just head straight back in. Simply coming back to this area seems to be enough to clear any corruption that's attached itself to me.
    • No questions.
      • (Dialogue ends)

At Lumbridge beach[edit | edit source]

Dominion Sandtower[edit | edit source]

  • (Transcript missing. edit)

Sand Pyramid[edit | edit source]

  • Ozan: I heard about these sandcastles and had to come see them with my own eyes. I'd love to see a Menaphos-inspired one.
  • Player: You're not very subtle about what you want are you?