Transcript of Our Man in the North journal entry

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  • I talked to Hassan, who asked me to deliver a progress report to Emir Ali.
  • I went to the Grand Library to talk to the head librarian, who directed me to Aristarchus in Pollnivneach.
  • I persuaded Akhomet to allow Aristarchus to enter Menaphos.
  • I convinced Aristarchus to return to Menaphos, but got apprehended by a gang of Menaphite thugs who have been tailing Aristarchus.
  • I met Aristarchus in the Grand Library in Menaphos. He revealed a hidden book that contained the information I was after.
  • I talked to Senliten and gained knowledge pertaining to the royal bloodline. She will give Osman proof of his lineage if he visits with her.
  • I reported to Osman and handed him the book.
  • I handed in the progress report to Emir Ali. Jabari entered the throne room and there was a standoff between him and Osman. Which resulted in Jabari fleeing and Osman being arrested.
  • I tracked down Jabari throughout Al Kharid and cornered him in the Duel Arena, wherein he challenge me to a duel.
  • I fought Jabari and bested him in a straight duel, however, I still need to confront him.
  • While confronting Jabari, he made a last ditch attempt to fight me, but the god Het intervened and Jabari escaped.
  • Het told me that his mind was cleared after all of the underhanded plots surrounding Menaphos and Al Kharid had been exposed. He left to find his sisters and deal with the plague in Sophanem.
  • When I arrived back at Al Kharid palace, Osman and Emir Ali were in a pitched argument, which resulted in Osman being exiled from the city!
  • I caught Emir Ali up on the events at the Duel Arena, and am ready to head back to Menaphos to assist Hassan again. Hopefully, Jabari was true to his word for once, and hasn't returned to inform the Pharaoh about all of this.
  • I get the feeling that without Jabari's influence, and with Het's return, the Pharaoh of Menaphos is going to have a different outlook on his rule.