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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:06] the orphan dig site runescape's all new
[00:08] expansion to the archaeology skill
[00:11] delve deep under the ground of the land
[00:13] out of time to uncover ancient dragon
[00:14] king artifacts
[00:16] solve mysteries harvest mysterious relic
[00:18] powers and more
[00:20] in not one but four different dig site
[00:22] locations
[00:24] to get started at the orphan dig site
[00:26] you're required of the 90 archaeology
[00:28] and you will most likely have the other
[00:30] two requirements as well being the
[00:32] associate qualification
[00:33] and the anachronia base camp tutorial
[00:35] completed
[00:36] before you can enter the dig site you
[00:38] need to go ahead and talk to mr mordow
[00:41] located at the anacronia base camp then
[00:44] proceed by asking him about the orphan
[00:46] dig sites
[00:47] a cutscene will now play you can skip
[00:49] this cutscene but i recommend watching
[00:51] it with audio on
[00:53] you will now have access to the auvn
[00:54] teleportation device located at the
[00:56] anacronia base camp
[00:58] there are actually more of these around
[01:00] the island however you will have to
[01:01] unlock them by repairing them
[01:03] the first of which is actually located
[01:05] at the dig site you can access straight
[01:06] away
[01:07] you can activate this portal with no
[01:09] extra requirements
[01:11] as long as you have level 90 archaeology
[01:13] and the other requirements you should be
[01:14] able to repair this teleportation device
[01:17] after repairing this teleportation
[01:19] device you will get access to a special
[01:20] research mission called
[01:22] incomplete portal network 1. this is a
[01:24] special research mission
[01:26] that can be completed by using your
[01:27] research team at the varrock dig site
[01:30] as this is an essential part of
[01:32] unlocking the second part of the dig
[01:33] site
[01:34] i highly suggest starting it now and
[01:36] then returning to this exact
[01:38] location there is a consistent trend in
[01:40] unlocking the fast travel teleportation
[01:42] devices you will always need to do your
[01:44] research mission first called
[01:46] incomplete portal network insert number
[01:48] here and then use the right 20 unnoted
[01:51] archaeology materials to repair the oven
[01:53] teleportation device
[01:55] now that you know all about the
[01:56] teleportation system it's time to start
[01:58] excavating inside the crypt of uranus
[02:01] inside the crypt of uranus you'll be
[02:03] able to find yourself a level 90
[02:05] 96 and level 99 training spot
[02:09] one thing i recommend before you start
[02:11] excavating is clicking on the funeral
[02:13] pyre in the middle of the room to get
[02:14] new research
[02:16] while excavating here you'll be finding
[02:18] yourself new materials and
[02:19] seven new artifacts you also have a
[02:22] chance to find pages which are used for
[02:24] a mystery
[02:25] once you've found all four pages you can
[02:28] hand these in at mr moored out to get a
[02:30] chunk of experience
[02:32] you can always check your mystery
[02:33] progress by using your archaeology
[02:35] journal don't forget this as it can be a
[02:38] useful tool to see
[02:39] how many pages or how many things you
[02:40] still need to complete a mystery
[02:43] you also have a chance of finding potion
[02:45] recipe fragments or excavating at the
[02:47] new dig site locations
[02:49] you also might notice the white
[02:51] fragments in my inventory
[02:52] these are also obtained when excavating
[02:54] at the orvin dig sites
[02:56] these are called rex skeleton fragments
[02:59] and can be used on the rec skeleton
[03:01] located nearby the anacronia lodestone
[03:04] similar to the carrot at pylon event
[03:06] this thing will give everyone who
[03:07] participated 25 percent more experience
[03:10] doing big game hunter
[03:11] archaeology training on anachronia and
[03:14] the anachrony agility course
[03:16] it will also give you a ten percent buff
[03:17] to drop rates for anachronic agility
[03:19] course codices
[03:20] archaeology materials slayer drops and
[03:23] big game hunter drops
[03:25] quite a hefty boost the buff lasts for
[03:28] 65 minutes and is indicated by a message
[03:31] on your screen
[03:32] and a dinosaur skull located on your
[03:34] buff bar
[03:35] and there's absolutely no reason to not
[03:37] participate even if you don't want the
[03:39] boost because handing in the fragments
[03:41] does give you extra archaeology
[03:43] experience
[03:44] now we only cover the first location of
[03:46] the four locations out there but there's
[03:48] 10 new total excavation spots ranging
[03:51] from levels 90 to 120 archaeology
[03:54] 22 new artifacts five new materials
[03:58] eight new mysteries that community event
[04:01] and a bunch of new collection logs
[04:04] collection logs can be completed to
[04:05] obtain crow nodes and even get access to
[04:08] certain things
[04:09] including relics i will now go over how
[04:12] to lock the other three dig site
[04:13] locations
[04:14] and then proceed by going over how to
[04:16] increase your monolith energy
[04:17] and then finally cover the new rewards
[04:20] for the second location you'll want to
[04:21] finish the research called incomplete
[04:23] network
[04:24] 1. after you've done that go back to
[04:26] your research team at the varrock dig
[04:28] site and view the report then grab 20
[04:31] unnoted ancient viz with you and head to
[04:33] this location you can see on screen
[04:35] these maps were kindly provided by the
[04:37] runescape wiki
[04:40] to repair the teleporter to be able to
[04:42] use it simply click on it and choose
[04:44] repair
[04:45] this will require level 70 runecrafting
[04:48] and level 70 archaeology it will also
[04:50] give you a little bit of experience
[04:52] after that you can just enter through
[04:54] the door and you have access to the
[04:55] second dig site location
[04:57] do not forget to go back to your
[04:58] research team and start incomplete
[05:00] portal network 2
[05:01] under special research after coming back
[05:04] using the teleportation devices you'll
[05:06] want to interact with the dragon king
[05:07] pylon inside the dig site location
[05:10] you will now have to enter a series of
[05:12] codes
[05:13] these codes are part of a mystery if you
[05:14] want to solve it yourself please skip
[05:16] ahead in the video
[05:18] the codes are 315 414
[05:21] and 167. after filling in the codes
[05:24] correctly a sort of cutscene will play
[05:26] you'll be teleported to a different
[05:28] section of anachronia
[05:29] go for the dialogue and if you're
[05:31] interested in doing the mystery be sure
[05:33] to pay attention to what the npc
[05:35] says head to the location seen in the
[05:37] cutscene the map on screen should be
[05:39] able to help you to get there
[05:41] you will now have to repeat what the npc
[05:43] said to you being shah
[05:44] craw lift cab see on screen if you don't
[05:48] know how to do it
[05:50] then proceed by entering a series of
[05:51] codes again being five one
[05:53] six four one eight and five one four
[05:57] after doing this you should be done with
[05:58] the mystery and you can go down the
[06:00] stairs inside the third location of the
[06:02] earthen dig site
[06:04] after completing the research called
[06:06] incomplete portal network 2 and viewing
[06:08] the report you'll be able to repair the
[06:10] teleporter here by using 20
[06:12] orvin glass and this must be unnoted
[06:16] don't forget that then to save your own
[06:18] time be sure to start the incomplete
[06:19] portal network 3 research straight away
[06:22] after that research team comes back and
[06:24] you view the report of
[06:26] incomplete portal network 3 you'll be
[06:28] able to activate the teleporter for 20
[06:30] quintessence
[06:32] again this must be unnoted and doesn't
[06:34] actually require
[06:35] the mystery required to get inside the
[06:37] fourth location
[06:39] so you can get the teleporter beforehand
[06:41] to get access to the fourth location you
[06:43] will require level 108 archaeology
[06:46] you have to start by clicking on the
[06:47] central platform inside the room
[06:49] then you'll have to excavate a master
[06:51] control and a lingam stone
[06:53] damage from the moshka device spots near
[06:56] the center
[06:57] then excavate a singing ball damage from
[07:00] the agura remains spot in the southwest
[07:03] then proceed by restoring all three
[07:05] artifacts
[07:06] proceed by using the restored master
[07:08] control device on the central platform
[07:12] then select yes in the dialog you will
[07:14] now have to complete a
[07:16] series of three puzzles these puzzles
[07:18] are relatively simple
[07:19] all you need to do is have the bars on
[07:23] the little graph
[07:24] match the red line you do this by
[07:26] rotating the runes and giving it a
[07:28] certain amount of points
[07:30] the higher the points for said rune the
[07:32] higher the bar will be
[07:34] the only important runes are the runes
[07:36] with a spike
[07:38] in this case this would be the air chaos
[07:41] and earth rune the other runes don't
[07:43] necessarily matter
[07:45] the outer runes of each circle will give
[07:46] you one point then the middle runes will
[07:48] give you two points and the absolute
[07:51] center runes will give you
[07:52] three points i wish you the best of luck
[07:54] with solving these puzzles however i
[07:56] think most of you guys
[07:58] won't have too many issues with these
[07:59] puzzles you will now need a restored
[08:01] singing ball artifact
[08:03] a rope and a small fishing net you will
[08:06] have to catch a yellow salamander from
[08:08] anachronia
[08:09] then after that proceed by teleporting
[08:11] back to the ritual site and attempt to
[08:13] use the central platform
[08:14] the salamander in your inventory go
[08:17] through the dialogue and the professor
[08:18] will step on the platform
[08:20] a cutscene of text will now play after
[08:23] it finishes talk to associate collette
[08:25] on the north
[08:26] east end of the room after that go ahead
[08:28] and grab your restored lingam stone and
[08:30] go to the fourth location
[08:32] click on the door to present the
[08:34] restored lingam stone and enter inside
[08:36] you'll now be in the fourth location
[08:38] called solo city you have now unlocked
[08:40] all four dig sites completely i will now
[08:43] cover how to increase your monolith
[08:44] energy if you do have 120 archaeology
[08:47] and then proceed by talking about some
[08:49] of the rewards
[08:51] let's go all you need to do to get your
[08:53] additional monolith energy is
[08:55] excavate the sovereign debris to get a
[08:57] raksha idol and a gold dish
[09:00] then restore both of these artifacts
[09:02] then place the gold dish on the pyramid
[09:04] you can see
[09:05] right here and then place the restored
[09:07] raksha idol on top of the zolo building
[09:09] just to the west
[09:10] of that pyramid then return to the
[09:13] varrock dig site and head towards the
[09:14] monolith and then you'll get a little
[09:16] animation
[09:17] after that you'll have your additional
[09:19] 150 monolith power
[09:21] getting into the rewards we have the
[09:22] five new potions to make these potions
[09:25] yourself you will need the full recipe
[09:27] which can actually be bought off the
[09:29] ground exchange
[09:30] or made by gathering four fragments
[09:32] yourself we have the holy aggro overload
[09:34] which is basically a holy overload and
[09:36] an aggression potion in one
[09:37] the summoning renewal potion which is
[09:39] similar to a prey renewal except
[09:40] it restores summoning and special move
[09:42] points for six minutes
[09:44] we have the archaeology potion which
[09:46] boosts your archaeology level by
[09:48] three the power burst opportunity that
[09:50] for 10 seconds doubles the effect of
[09:52] rock attunities
[09:53] and time sprites and finally and
[09:56] arguably one of the more useful ones the
[09:58] spirit attraction potion that
[10:00] automatically collects seven spirits
[10:02] divine blessings chronicles and fire
[10:05] spirits for six minutes when consumed
[10:08] you can finally afk those gathering
[10:10] skills and fire making
[10:11] fully next up we have three new relics
[10:15] evil bob's cat's paw
[10:16] soma and kaladanda my personal favorite
[10:19] is evil bob's cat's paw
[10:21] unlocking the bait and switch relic
[10:23] power
[10:24] once activated all the fish you catch
[10:26] that have a cooked variant
[10:28] will be cooked when caught this is
[10:30] absolutely amazing
[10:32] for iron man and you also get 50
[10:35] of the fish's cooking experience as well
[10:38] this is similar to the always adds relic
[10:40] for wood cutting and fire making
[10:42] next up is some unlocking the flow state
[10:45] relic power which
[10:46] increases your archaeology based
[10:47] precision by 20 percent
[10:49] and prevents you from gaining any soil
[10:52] cool little thing if you like going
[10:53] beyond level 102 archaeology
[10:56] kaladanda unlocks the death note power
[10:58] which automatically
[10:59] notes all of the ashes and bones that
[11:02] are dropped
[11:04] this will be absolutely amazing for
[11:06] slayer
[11:07] and finally two very unique items being
[11:10] two skilling off hands
[11:12] being the orvin furnace core and
[11:14] artificers measure
[11:16] these are made by using items from
[11:17] different parts of the game
[11:19] and items found with the archaeology
[11:21] skill
[11:23] the oven furnace core requires 102
[11:25] archaeology
[11:26] and 99 smithing while the artifice
[11:28] measure requires level 99 crafting and
[11:30] 102 archaeology
[11:33] these items are not tradable and not
[11:35] viable on the ground exchange and have
[11:37] to be made
[11:37] by yourself keep in mind that these
[11:40] skilling offense do take some time to
[11:42] make especially the orvin furnace core
[11:44] because you need to make curved
[11:45] masterwork plates when you're skilling
[11:49] either firemaking or smithing and one of
[11:51] your invention perks procs being either
[11:52] the pyromaniac or breakdown perk
[11:55] you gain a five percent experience buff
[11:57] for five minutes
[11:58] which is refreshable a foreign spirit
[12:01] will now become a forged phoenix instead
[12:03] and when smithing you also have a chance
[12:05] to spawn this forged phoenix
[12:07] using the skilling offhand you no longer
[12:09] need prayer for superhormone smithing
[12:11] the artificial measure has a similar
[12:13] thing with the invention perk except you
[12:15] get a 0.5
[12:16] experience buff that needs to be stacked
[12:18] up to 5
[12:19] instead of an instant 5 experience buff
[12:22] you have an increased chance of
[12:23] activating the scroll of dexterity for
[12:25] crafting
[12:26] this item also acts as a gem storage bag
[12:28] allowing you to store up to 100 of each
[12:30] gem
[12:31] the if or bonus for harps is always
[12:33] active when using this offhand
[12:35] and there's a chance to duplicate
[12:37] manufactured items while glass blowing
[12:39] or
[12:39] firing urns this can be useful for money
[12:41] making
[12:42] and similar to crafting you have an
[12:43] increased chance of the scroll
[12:45] activating
[12:46] however this time if the scroll
[12:48] activates that's when you get the bone
[12:50] to experience buff stacking up to five
[12:52] percent
[12:53] with that being said we have come to the
[12:54] end of this video i hope you guys
[12:56] enjoyed this video and found it helpful
[12:59] peace