Transcript of Orthen Dig Site

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This transcript involves dialogue with Guildmaster Tony.

Opening cutscene[edit | edit source]

  • [Guildmaster Tony]: Orthen, though evidently not the only dragonkin settlement to be found on Gielinor, was both its first and its greatest.
  • [Guildmaster Tony]: When Anachronia was brought forward in time, it gave us the rare opportunity to study dragonkin civilisation, even if only via the ruins of Orthen.
  • [Guildmaster Tony]: What secrets might we uncover about the dragonkin race from pre-history? And what was their life like before the elder god curse that befell them?
  • [Guildmaster Tony]: Rumours abound among archaeologists of buried hoards of treasure, nefarious entities waiting to be freed into the world, technologies beyond our own...

Closing cutscene[edit | edit source]

  • [Guildmaster Tony]: By all accounts, the dragonkin endured many hardships to even arrive on this world. Their survival a constant struggle; every scrap of progress a hard-won battle.
  • [Guildmaster Tony]: Yet at their height, they were a technologically and socially advanced people who had not lost sight of their cultural and spiritual roots.
  • [Guildmaster Tony]: We see them only as a threat, but their story is one of tragedy. Perhaps there is hope they may one day reclaim some of their lost grandeur.
  • [Guildmaster Tony]: Regardless, the legacy of their original civilisation lives on in the form of dragons, the newly returned dinosaurs, and the mysterious (and elusive) Xolo tribe.