Transcript of One Small Favour journal entry

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  • Yanni Salika asked me to do him a small favour to get him some red mahogany logs...huh! I went to the jungle forester only to be asked another favour to get a blunt hatchet sharpened. Well, the trend continued, I ended up walking half the way round Gielinor doing small favours for all and sundry!
  • Along the way I helped rescue ‘Jimmy the chisel’ from a bunch of fanatics. I helped an ill metal smith get over his cold. I fought a rock monster in a goblin cavern and I fixed a mad Seer's weather vane to get a weather report.
  • All in all lots of big favours and a lot more than I’d bargained for.
  • In return:-
    • I'm now able to take glider rides down to the Ogrish Lands known as the Feldip hills.
    • I was also given a key ring so that I can store specially significant keys.