Transcript of One Piercing Note

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Saradomin-sent Saviour[edit | edit source]

  • Sister Catherina: Thank Saradomin! You must be the adventurer the abbess prayed for!
  • Player: What do you mean?
  • Sister Catherine: Our abbess prayed for an adventurer to come and help us. She asked me to stand here and wait for you to arrive. Will you help us, adventurer?
    • Player: I need to know more before I decide.
      • Sister Catherina: I don't know any more! Abbess Benita just said she was praying for an adventurer, and told me to wait outside to meet you when you arrived.
    • Player: Weren't you curious about why the abbess had you wait here?
      • Sister Catherina: Well, I mean, a bit...but we're not meant to question the abbess's decisions.
    • Player: Has anything happened in the abbey lately?
      • Sister Catherina: Well, one of the older sisters died yesterday. Saradomin guide her soul to light. The abbess says she went peacefully in her sleep. It's a bit odd that no one's been allowed to see her body...but it's not my place to question. Oh! Another thing that's happened: a troubadour showed up earlier today. Abbess Benita didn't let him come inside, so he's camping here. We don't often get visitors, so that's a little odd.
    • Player: Yes, I'll help you.
      • Sister Catherina: Saradomin be praised! The abbess's office is just inside the wall. Go in through the gate and head north.

The Current Situation[edit | edit source]

  • Abbess Benita: Adventurer. Thank Saradomin you've come.
    • Player: Saradomin didn't send me.
      • Abbess Benita: And yet I prayed for an adventurer to come, and you came. Saradomin works through us in ways we do not realise.
    • Player: What can I do to help?
      • Abbess Benita: I've called you here for a sensitive task - one that I would prefer to deal with quietly, without involving the Church authorities or the Al Kharid guard. I hope I can trust you to be discreet.
      • Player: Of course.
      • Abbess Benita: One of our sisters has been murdered. Murdered quite brutally. I would like you to investigate. The killer may still be in the abbey. I last saw Sister Anna at Vespers yesterday. When she wasn't present at Compline, I went to her cell and found her body. The murder must have taken place between those times.
      • Abbess Benita: This is the key to Sister Anna's cell, where I found her body. The cells are in the south-east corner of the abbey. I moved Sister Anna's body to the infirmary, in the south-west of the abbey. I cleaned and wrapped it myself, and I've forbidden the other sisters from seeing it. You should also question the sisters around the abbey, but please do so subtly. I don't want them to know that there has been a murder. This notebook will help you keep track of your investigation. Come back to me when you've examined the crime scene and the body, and spoken to the sisters.

Preliminary Investigations[edit | edit source]

Sister Catherine[edit | edit source]

  • Sister Catherine: Hello again, adventurer! How can I help?
    • Player: What were you doing between Vespers and Compline yesterday?
      • Sister Catherine: I was in the scriptorium copying a manuscript. I'm still learning how to illuminate the text. I've copied nearly the whole of the Book of Saradomin. I'm quite...well, I know I shouldn't be, but I'm quite proud of it. Perhaps you'd like to see it, after the funeral service, if you're still here?
        • Player: I'd like that.
          • Sister Catherine: Alright! I'll have to check if that's allowed, though. Come back and speak to me after the funeral.
        • Player: I'm not interested.
          • Sister Catherine: Oh well. It's for Saradomin - it doesn't matter if anyone else sees it.
    • Player: What did you think of Sister Anna?
      • Sister Catherine: She was so holy. She thought about Saradomin all the time, never about herself. I don't know if I'll ever be as holy as that. She interviewed me when I applied to join the abbey. It was like she could see right into my heart. To be honest, at first, she frightened me. I'm not surprised the other applicant left after she met her.
      • Player: What other applicant?
      • Sister Catherina: Oh! Another applicant came to the abbey the other day. Her name was Isabella. She disappeared yesterday noon. She probably went home. A lot of applicants realise the life isn't for them and leave. Adventurer...if I can ask...why are you asking these questions?
        • Player: I can't tell you, sorry.
          • Sister Catherina: Oh. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked. I'll never be a full sister if I keep asking questions like that. Sister Anna always told me I shouldn't ask questions.
        • Player: Sister Anna was murdered
          • Sister Catherina: Murdered? Who would - who would want to do something like that? How could Saradomin let this happen? No - no, I mustn't ask that question Saradomin has a plan for everything. Sister Anna would have told me off if I'd asked that question. Oh, Sister Anna. You've got to find whoever did this, adventurer. If there's anything I can do, anything, just let me know.
    • Player: What do you know about the troubadour outside?
      • Sister Catherina: It's so exciting that he's come to visit us! I saw him smiling at me when I was outside waiting for you. I kind of wish I could go out and dance - I used to like dancing - but I'm in the order now and dancing isn't allowed.
    • Player: Goodbye.

Sister Cecilia[edit | edit source]

  • Sister Cecilia: Look at me...look at me... Okay, that's good. Remember to look at me so you can keep in time. Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't, er...Ladies, keep rehearsing while I talk to this pilgrim.
    • Player: What are you rehearsing?
      • Sister Cecilia: It's a hymn to Saint Elspeth. I wrote the music, but the words are traditional. Do you know the story of Saint Elspeth and the Ripper?
      • Player: No - could you tell me?
      • Sister Cecilia: Saint Elspeth was a holy warrior who lived during the God Wars. She sang and played the cithara, and her music was so holy that no demon could bear to hear it.
      • Player: What's a cithara?
      • Sister Cecilia: Oh - it's an ancient stringed instrument. It's like a lyre. The lyre was a folk instrument, whereas the cithara was a professional instrument. Well, anyway, that's not important... The Ripper was an assassin demon. It would strike without warning and leave its victims horribly mutilated. Stab them through the heart with terrible claws, tear off their faces... Zamorak sent the Ripper to attack a village where Saint Elspeth was staying. It couldn't approach while she was singing, but it waited on the edge of the village. She sang for days, but eventually she was too weak to go on. She went out of the village to face the demon alone - she thought it might just kill her and spare the villagers. She fought the demon and it mortally wounded her; but, as she was dying, Saradomin granted her the strength to sing one piercing note so perfect that it struck the demon dead. Her remains lay unburied until the present age. Then, seventy years ago, a group of holy women found them and built this abbey in her memory. That's why music is such and important part of our worship.
        • Player: Could the Ripper demon come back?
          • Sister Cecilia: I don't know. They say some demons can return after being killed...but the God Wars were thousands of years ago.
        • Player: Can your music repel demons?
          • Sister Cecilia: Well...I'd like to think so, but I don't think we're as holy as Saint Elspeth. I hope we never have to find out!
        • Player: Where were you between Vespers and Compline yesterday?
            • Sister Cecilia: I stayed in here after Vespers, to rehearse the choir.
    • Player: What did you think of Sister Anna?
      • Sister Cecilia: She had a powerful voice, and a rock-solid sense of rhythm. The whole congregation could listen to her to keep in time... Oh...I'm sorry, she's dead and all I can think of is how much the choir needed her. I'm too single-minded sometimes... I think she kept us in time in more ways than one, though. She was our moral centre, an example of holiness. We all miss her terribly.
    • Player: What do you know about the troubadour outside?
      • Sister Cecilia: I'm aware he's there. I think the abbess was right to forbid him from coming inside. You've got to understand, the Citharede order considers music to be holy. It should be used for worship and contemplation, not for dancing. Dancing is so often connected with...other immorality. As interesting as it would be to hear a different style of music, I should stay away.

Sister Elena[edit | edit source]

  • Sister Elena: What is it?
    • Player: What are you cooking?
      • Sister Elena: Cabbage soup. It's amazing what you can do with cabbages if they're all you have to cook with.
    • Player: Where were you between Vespers and Compline yesterday?
      • Sister Elena: I was here, in the kitchen. Why, where should I have been? I went down to the cellar to get some supplies at one point, but the rest of the time I was here. Actually, I noticed something while I was down there. I think someone's been stealing food from the cellar. I bet it was Sister Catherina. Novices have to be taught discipline. I've seen her sneaking an extra cup of wine at meal times. She's the one you should be talking to.
    • Player: What did you think of Sister Anna?
      • Sister Elena: She's with Saradomin now. It doesn't matter what I thought of her, and it does no good to speak ill of the dead.
      • A: Sounds like you didn't like her.
      • Sister Elena: I didn't say that. But she did cause conflict. Most of the sisters didn't see it, but I did. She was always arguing with the abbess. Sister Anna thought Sister Benita was too lenient with the order's rules. Anna would have enforced silence outside of services. She'd have stopped Sister Cecilia composing - prescribed melodies only. Maybe it's Saradomin's will that Sister Anna never got to become abbess. I don't know. It's not my place to say.
    • Player: What do you know about the troubadour outside?
      • Sister Elena: I don't know anything about the troubadour! I didn't even know he was there. What troubadour? Secular music is forbidden, so if there is a troubadour outside then Abbess Benita will send him away. I don't have time to talk about troubadours. Is there anything else you need?
    • Player: Goodbye.

Abbess Benita[edit | edit source]

  • Abbess Benita: Please help us, adventurer. You'll need to examine Sister Anna's body, search her cell, and question the sisters in the abbey.
    • Player: I want to ask you about something I've found...
      • Player: Do you recognize this cloth fragment?
        • Abbess Benita: It's not from any of our robes. It looks like it's from some travelling clothes.
      • Player: Tell me about the applicant who was here yesterday.
        • Abbess Benita: Her name was Isabella. She was here for a few days. Sister Anna and I both interviewed her. She wasn't allowed to mix much with the other sisters. She stayed in the applicant dormitory, which is directly to the west of this room. It's not unusual for a woman to decide this life isn't for her. We don't pass judgement if someone doesn't say goodbye.
      • Player: Is it true you argued with Sister Anna?
        • Abbess Benita: I wouldn't say we argued. We disagreed about certain theological issues. We had many invigorating discussions that, I suppose, an eavesdropper could mistake for arguments.
    • Player: I want to ask you a question...
      • Player: What were you doing between Vespers and Compline yesterday?
        • Abbess Benita: You're not suspecting me, are you? Very well. I suppose it's good that you're thorough. I was here, in my office. You might be surprised how much paperwork is involved in running a religious order.
      • Player: Tell me more about Sister Anna.
        • Abbess Benita: I've never seen anyone as devoted as Saradomin as Sister Anna was. All the other sisters looked up to her. I don't know much about her life before the abbey. All she told me was that she had led a highly immoral life, and she was glad she'd put it behind her. She was my assistant, she would have been my successor when I eventually retired, and she was also my friend. Please, adventurer, bring her killer to justice.
      • Player: Tell me about the troubadour outside.
        • Abbess Benita: I don't know what he's doing here. I haven't allowed him into the abbey. The sisters are arranging Sister Anna's funeral. The last thing we need is a secular musician tempting them away from their duties.

Sister Debora[edit | edit source]

  • Feet: Sister Catherina, is that you?
  • Player: No, I'm an adventurer...
  • Feet: It's no good, Catherina, I just can't hear you. I'll be out of here in a minute, just need to get the, uh... could you do me a favor[sic], Catherine? The clock is twenty minutes fast right now. Could you set it to the right time?
After setting the clock
  • Feet: Ah yes, that's it. Ah, and you've set the clock to the hour so any moment now it should...
Sister Debora emerges from under the bell after it sounds
  • Sister Debora: Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I thought you were Sister Catherina. She's normally the one who comes up here. What can I do for you?
    • Player: Where were you between Vespers and compline yesterday?
      • Sister Debora: Eh? Between what and what?
      • Player: Between Vespers and compline
      • Sister Debora: Oh. I came back up here, tried to finish this set of repairs. I was a clock-maker before I joined the abbey. Now I'm the only one who knows how to repair the abbey clock.
    • Player: What did you think of Sister Anna?
      • Sister Debora: A part breaks that you'd expected to hold for years...but that doesn't stop the whole mechanism, it just sets it in a different direction. Saradomin is a better clock-maker than us.
      • Player: What do you mean?
      • Sister Debora: Sister Benita was planning to retire as abbess next year. Everyone expected Sister Anna to become the new abbess. But it seems that wasn't Saradomin's plan, so he's taken her away. The clock runs, just not as we'd expected.
    • Player: What do you know about the troubadour outside?
      • Sister Debora: What? There's a Minotaur outside? Have we closed the gate?
      • Player: Not a Minotaur, a troubadour.
      • Sister Debora: Oh, yes, Sister Catherina mentioned something about that. She seemed very excited. I'm too busy with the clock to worry about visitors. It's not like I could hear his music anyway. I don't know if you'd noticed, but I'm a bit deaf! It's spending all my time close to the bell when it goes off that did that.

Valerio[edit | edit source]

  • Valerio: Greetings, traveller!
    • Player: What are you doing here at the abbey?
      • Valerio: One of the sisters here, Sister Anna, she passed away recently. I knew her before she joined the abbey, so I've come to pay my respects.
      • Player: How did you hear about Sister Anna's death?
      • Valerio: I have my ear to the ground. Even a religious order isn't completely cut off from the world.
    • Player: What were you singing about?
      • Valerio:'s a song about someone I knew, a long time ago.
      • Player: You were singing about Sister Anna, weren't you?
      • Valerio: I was. I knew here before she joined the abbey. I tried to talk her out of coming here, but when she made her mind up about something, there was nothing that could stop her.
    • Player: Where were you between Vespers and Compline yesterday?
      • Valerio: All yesterday evening I was in Al Kharid. I didn't travel up here until this morning.
      • Valerio: Why are you asking all this, anyway? What's going on here?
        • Player: Sister Anna was murdered.
          • Valerio: Anna - murdered? But why? Who would want to kill Anna? Adventurer, if there's anything I can do to ​help you catch whoever did this, please, let me know.
        • Player: I can't tell you, sorry.
          • Valerio: To Zamorak with you! The abbess can order her sisters not to be curious, but not me! Anna was my friend, and I have a right to know what's happening. This conversation is over.

Second Strike[edit | edit source]

Reporting Back[edit | edit source]

  • Abbess Benita: Please help us, adventurer. You'll need to examine Sister Anna's body, search her cell, and question the sisters in the abbey.
  • Player: I've finished investigating for now.
  • Abbess Benita: Whom do you suspect?
  • Player: The Ripper demon, back from the dead.
  • Player: Valerio. He had a history with Sister Anna.
  • Player: Sister Elena. She disliked Sister Anna.
  • Player: Isabella, the applicant.
  • [missing options]
A scream resounds through the abbey
  • Abbess Benita: Did you hear that? Quick! Follow the sound of that scream!

Another Victim[edit | edit source]

  • Sister Cecilia: You've got to protect us! The demon is back!
  • Abbess Benita: What's happening here? Ohh...great Saradomin. Sister Elena.
  • Sister Cecilia: I saw it, abbess! It was the demon! It was the Ripper!
  • Abbess Benita: Sister Cecilia, go back to the oratory. Get yourself cleaned up. Adventurer, there's no point in my trying to keep this from the sisters any more. I'll let them know what's happening. Please, adventurer, investigate Sister Elena's murder and then talk to me in my study.

Round Two[edit | edit source]

Distressed Sister[edit | edit source]

  • Sister Cecilia: We're all going to die. It's going to kill us all. There's no escape.
    • Player: Don't worry, I'll protect you!
      • Sister Cecilia: There's nothing you can do, adventurer. You should leave - maybe it'll spare you. Everyone in the abbey is dead already.
    • Player: Can you tell me exactly what happened?
      • Sister Cecilia: I...I heard the scream, I heard Sister Elena I went down the stairs to see, and...and it was there. The Ripper. Just like in the stories: it was wrapped in rags, and it had its huge claws, was bending over Sister Elena. It was cutting her feet with its claws. Why would it do that? Then it saw me. It turned its head - it looked at me! I couldn't see its face, thank Saradomin. If I'd seen its face I think I might have died of fright. It pushed past me - it splashed Sister Elena's blood on my robes - and then it ran up the stairs and away. We can't let it defeat us. Almighty Saradomin, give me the strength not be afraid. Alright, ladies. The abbess told you what happened. This funeral service will be for two of us now. We're going to trust Saradomin, and we're not going to be afraid. We're going to sing like Saint Elspeth, and the demon isn't going to be able to hurt us. Okay, from the top. Look at me.

Back to the Abbess[edit | edit source]

  • Abbess Benita: Adventurer, thank Saradomin you're still here. Please tell me you're making some progress.
  • Player: Do you think this is the work of a demon?
  • Abbess Benita: I know that's what most of the sisters think, but I'm not so sure. In this age, most of Zamorak's servants are ordinary humans.

Confronting Valerio[edit | edit source]

Note: dialogue levels may not be aligned correctly

  • Valerio: Greetings, traveller.
    • Player: Were you having an affair with Sister Elena?
      • Valerio: I don't know what you're talking about. Why are you asking this?
      • Player: I found letters from you in Sister Elena's cell.
      • Valerio: I didn't write any letters. They must be from someone else.
      • Player: Elena is dead.
      • Valerio: Elena is dead? Oh, Elena. She wasn't happy here, you know. She could have been so much more, if she'd had the courage to leave. I met her when she came down to Al Kharid to buy supplies. We started writing to one another, hiding letters with boxes of food. I came up to see her last night. There was a hole in the kitchen wall that she used to smuggle me in. That's how I learned that Anna had died - Elena told me. I wanted to publicly pay my respects, so I snuck back to Al Kharid and came here with my band. don't think Elena could have been killed because of me? Both the victims were people I knew - could someone have found the letters...
    • Player: I think you killed Anna and Elena.
      • Valerio: I loved Elena! How dare you accuse me? Come back when you have some kind of evidence!...If there's anything I can do to help bring the killer to justice, let me know.

Worried[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Did you know Sister Elena was seeing Valerio?
  • Abbess Benita: *Sigh*...I thought that was over. A few months ago, Sister Anna brought me a stack of letters she'd found in Sister Elena's room. She was furious. Sister Anna wanted to expel Sister Elena, but I decided to give her a second chance. She appeared contrite. As long as she stopped seeing Valerio, I said she could stay in the abbey. It looks like Sister Anna was right. If Sister Elena were still alive, I suppose I would have to expel her. As it is the other sisters don't need to know.
  • Player: Did you know about the secret passage in the kitchen?
  • Abbess Benita: A secret passage? That could be how the killer got away after murdering Sister Elena. Thank you, adventurer. I'll have the passage blocked immediately. Whoever the killer is, I'm worried that they'll strike again. I want to make sure all the sisters are safe in the abbey. Sister Catherina is outside, dancing. I don't want to pass judgement on her, not now, but I think she'd be safer inside. Could you go and fetch her please?

From Bad to Worse[edit | edit source]

A Short Respite[edit | edit source]

  • Sister Catherina: Dance with me, adventurer!
    • Player: Abbess Benita asked me to bring you back to the abbey.
  • Sister Catherina: Won't you dance with me first?
    • Player: I thought your order forbade dancing.
      • Sister Catherina: It's alright, I'm just a novice. I haven't taken any vows. I'm not not allowed! Anyway, I think I might leave the order. I haven't decided yet. With what's happening, it makes me think about how I want to spend my life, and I love Saradomin, and I love the order, but...I don't think I want to spend my whole life not dancing. Come on, adventurer, dance with me for a while.
    • Player: Alright, let's dance!

And That Makes Three[edit | edit source]

  • Valerio: It's no good - she's dead. It pierced her heart. Good night, sweet thing. You could have been a dancer.
  • Abbess Benita: What was that sound? Adventurer! Oh, merciful Saradomin - Sister Catherina. Is she -
  • Valerio: I am afraid so.
  • Abbess Benita: This must end. Adventurer, troubadour, please meet me in my office. We need a plan.
Moving to the office

Note: dialogue options may not be aligned correctly (again)

  • Abbess Benita: The killer is going to strike again unless we catch them.
  • Valerio: I'm not a member of your order, Abbess. I don't know why you would trust me here.
  • Abbess Benita: All the sisters of my order are suspects. The two of you are the only people I have seen in the same place as the killer, so you are the only people I can trust. I will not let this defeat us. We must arrive at a plan. Adventurer - after all you've seen, whom do you now suspect?
    • [List of options]
  • Valerio: What are we waiting for? Come on, adventurer, let's get her!
  • Abbess Benita: No. A confrontation would lead to more bloodshed. There must be a better way.
    • Player: We should search every hiding place.
      • Valerio: Did you see how the killer ran? They would move from hiding place to hiding place as we searched.
    • Player: We should abandon the abbey.
      • Valerio: That's a good idea. We could take the sisters to Al Kharid, where the guards can protect us.
        • Abbess Benita: And the order would end, and the abbey would become a dead shell. The sisters would be too frightened to go back. There must be another way.
    • Player: We should lay a trap.
      • Abbess Benita: That could work - but how would we bait it?
        • Player: A huge pile of money.
          • Abbess Benita: In case you hadn't noticed from this building's state of repair, the order is not exactly rolling in material wealth.
          • Valerio: Don't look at me. I usually sing for my supper.
          • Abbess Benita: In any case, I don't think the killer is motivated by worldly possessions.
        • Player: The holy relics in the reliquary.
          • Valerio: You mean the ancient instrument, the lyre?
          • Abbess Benita: The holy cithara. No, I don't think that would work. The killer hid in the basement when they murdered Sister Elena, but they didn't touch the reliquary.
        • Player: Me. I'll be the bait.
          • Abbess Benita: I appreciate your selflessness, adventurer, but if the killer were interested in you, they would have struck by now.
        • Player: A new victim.
          • Abbess Benita: That could tempt the killer out. But who? I don't think the killer is indiscriminate. What do the victims so far have in common?
            • Player: They were all thinking of leaving the abbey.
              • Valerio: Elena was thinking of leaving, and Catherina might have been, but I don't think Anna would have ever left.
              • Abbess Benita: No - I've never seen anyone as dedicated to the life as Sister Anna.
            • Player: They were all associated with Valerio.
              • Abbess Benita: I know about your involvement with Sister Elena, and perhaps the killer could have seen Sister Catherina dancing and thought that, but what about Sister Anna? She hadn't left the abbey for years.
              • Valerio: Ah... you do not know? I knew Anna, many years ago. She was a dancing girl, part of the troupe that I joined when I was first a troubadour. Back then she was so full of life. Passionate. Everything she did, she threw her whole body and soul into it. Then when we met that travelling preacher, and she caught religion, she threw her whole body and soul into that as well. We wrote to one another, at first...
              • Abbess Benita: She never mentioned you to me. All she would say was that her past life was sinful and she wanted to put it behind her.
              • Valerio: Yes, that was the impression I got from her last letters. When I met Elena in Al Kharid and started seeing her, we had to keep our affair secret, so I couldn't see Anna. I wanted to - a part of me was always hoping she'd discover us...
              • Abbess Benita: Enough. We don't need to go through the sordid details. We've established a connection, but how does it help us?
              • Valerio: I have a dancing girl travelling with me. If we were to announce that she was joining the abbey...
              • Abbess Benita: I can't allow her to be put in danger. There must be another way.
              • Valerio: Ah - she will be in no danger! She will be hiding in my camp. We can make a dummy, dress it in your robes, and our adventurer can hide nearby and wait. But I'm not sure where...
              • Abbess Benita: In the basement, during the funeral service. All the sisters will be in the oratory, it will be the perfect time for the killer to strike. It seems we have a plan. Valerio, you and I can handle the announcement. Adventurer, you will need to make they dummy in the basement. Once you're ready, you can hide in the robe cabinet and wait. Whether the killer be demon or mortal, I swear they will not kill again. Saradomin go with all of us.
    • Player: I'll kill everyone and Saradomin can sort it out!
      • Abbess Benita: If that is a joke, it is in very poor taste. Not all of us treat death as flippantly as adventurers do.
  • [missing a few alternate options]

The Ripper Demon[edit | edit source]

Note: dialogue levels out of alignment

  • The Killer: Stay back! Make any move and I'll kill her!
    • Player: Let her go!
    • Player: You won't kill her.
    • Player: Who are you?
      • The Killer: I am the spirit of Saint Elspeth! Saradomin's voice of justice!
      • Sister Debora: It's Sister Anna! She's gone mad!
      • Player: So the body I found...
      • The Killer: Was that unrepentant dancing-girl who thought she could join the abbey. I killed her and dressed her in my robes.
        • Player: Why did you kill all those people?
          • The Killer: They were all...dancers! They weren't worthy to be in this abbey. Saint Elspeth commanded me to remove them!
            • Player: You were a dancer too, once.
              • The Killer: I was repentant! That's the difference! I spent my whole life in penitence for the sins of my youth! And now Abbess Benita lets any dancing-girl join the abbey - lets them go outside and dance when a, a troubadour arrives - turns a blind eye to their affairs...
            • Player: You were jealous of Elena and Valerio.
              • The Killer: He means nothing to me. That part of my life is gone.
        • Player: You're more like the Ripper than Saint Elspeth!
          • The Killer: Spawn of Zamorak! Demons and saints look the same to those whose eyes are blinded by evil!
        • Player: You're insane.
          • The Killer: My mind has never been so clear! I burn with the holy fire of Saradomin!
        • Player: You're possessed by the demon. Fight it!
          • The Killer: No! It is Saint Elspeth! Get away from me, tempter of Zamorak!
        • Player: Listen - can you hear the singing?
          • The Killer: I...can hear it. The choir...
          • Player: They all loved you. The sisters and Valerio.
            • The Killer: They all...loved me... No! Worldly attachments...worldly loves...must all be burned away. I am the spirit of Saint Elspeth!
After setting the bell
  • Player: Listen - is that the bell ringing?
  • Sister Anna was deafened by the bell and momentarily withdrew her hold on Sister Debora to cover her ears, providing Sister Debora the opportunity to take Sister Anna's claws and throw them off the clocktower.
  • Player: Are you alright?
  • Sister Debora: I'm just shaken. I don't normally get that much excitement.
  • Player: You moved pretty quickly!
  • Sister Debora: Perhaps Saradomin gave me strength.
  • Player: What should we do with Sister Anna?
  • Sister Debora: As a good Saradominist sister, I cannot take a life. I'll see you downstairs adventurer.
After Sister Debora leaves
  • Sister Anna: Please, adventurer, if you have any mercy - give me a moment to pray for forgiveness before I die.
    • Player: I don't want to kill you.
      • Sister Anna: Then give me a moment to pray, before you take me from here.... Almighty Saradomin, creator and ruler of the world, have mercy upon me: for I have sinned against thee with my thoughts, with my voice, and with my hands. As the voice of Saint Elspeth struck dead the demon, may it strike dead the evil in my heart, and may the harmony of the saints drown out the discord of my sin.
      • Sister Anna: I hear it! The heavenly choir! I am forgiven! Flights of Icyene, lift me up! Saradomin, guide my soul to light!

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

  • Abbess Benita: Thank Saradomin it's over, adventurer. Sister Debora told me what you did, but she didn't say who the killer was. She said you should be the one to tell us?
  • Valerio: Who was it? Who killed Anna and the others?
    • Player: It was Sister Anna.
      • Valerio: No, it can't be!
      • Player: She murdered the applicant and dressed the body in her robes.
      • Valerio: But why?
        • Player: She was insane.
          • Abbess Benita: That my most trusted friend could do this, and I had no idea...
          • Abbess Benita: Thank you for telling the truth, adventurer, but this will shake the faith of everyone in the abbey.
          • Abbess Benita: I can't remain as abbess, knowing that this evil could sprout in soil that I have tended. I'll look for a replacement, but I don't know how much longer the order will survive.
        • Player: I think she was possessed by a demon.
          • Same response as above.
        • Player: She was taking her religion too far.
          • Same response as above.
    • Player: It was the Ripper demon.
      • Abbess Benita: Then Saradomin was truly with you, adventurer.
      • Abbess Benita: Every death was a tragedy, but we should also take this as a confirmation of our faith. Zamorak would only send an assassin demon against someone of exceptional holiness.