Transcript of On Varanusaurs

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While I hunt alone, I am also working alongside an Aughra mystic - 'Skeka' is her name, or so she has been dubbed by my kin. She is supporting my work by studying the various flora and fauna of this place, providing taxonomies for my discoveries, which in turn leads to a refinement in my approaches.

Take the varanusaurs, for instance, named for my discovery of the family. Her naming, not mine, for I seek not recognition; I think as she has little control over what others call her, this is an exercise in exerting a modicum of control. They are an aggressive sub-class of lizards that we call dinosaurs - they share some traits with the kin, but with an inferior intellect and capabilities.

My early encounters with them typically led to their demise in one of my traps, or on the end of my spear, but Skeka's experimentation has allowed me to turn their traits back on themselves, most notably those of the hypnotic strain. As such, I now have a stable of these varanusaurs to use as a hunting pack when tracking larger quarry.

One in particular has developed a bond of loyalty with me. I am not one for sentiment but have even given this hypnotic dinosaur a name. It feels so comfortable with me that it sometimes splays on its back, seeking rubs of its stomach area. If it only knew how easily I could use my talons to eviscerate its soft underbelly... Why does it do such a thing to a potential predator? They are truly an inferior animal yet, somehow, I have grown accustomed to having them around, and give this named one tummy scratches whenever it lays supine before me.

-Varanus, Nodon hunter