Dialogue for Olivia

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  • Player: Would you like to trade?
    • Olivia: Certainly.
  • Player: Where do I get higher-level seeds?
    • Olivia: Master farmers usually carry a few higher-level seeds around with them, although I don't know if they'd want to part with them for any price, to be honest.
  • Player: About the recent bank robbery...
    • Player: About the recent bank robbery... The robber attacked you, didn't he?
      • Olivia: Something like that, yes. I was just minding my own business, trying to keep these pesky thieves off my stalls, when I heard a strange noise and a scream.
      • Olivia: I went across to see what was going on, but there was a bright purple flash and everything went black. Before I knew what had happened, I was standing in Falador!
      • Olivia: It took me ages to get back, and when I arrived I saw there was a huge hole in the bank wall and some of the bankers had been killed!
        • Player: Did you see who teleported you to Falador?
          • Olivia: No, they were standing behind that old man's door.
          • Olivia: He really shouldn't leave his door open all day, especially in this neighbourhood - there are thousands of thieves around, and anyone could wander in!
            • Player: Okay, thanks for your time.
              • Olivia: You're welcome. Would you like to see my fine selection of seeds?
                • Player: Yes please.
                • Player: No thanks.