Transcript of Olaf's Quest journal entry

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  • Having spoken to Olad Hradson, I have agreed to help him convince his family that he is a good navigator.
  • I have taken the logs from the windswept tree to Olaf Hradson.
  • I have taken the carvings to Olaf Hradson's wife, Ingrid, and his son, Volf.
  • I should talk with Olaf Hradson to get my reward.
  • Olaf Hradson is freezing to death, but is too stubborn to go to town. He has given me some damp firewood to use on his fire.
  • I have started the fire. I should talk to Olaf Hradson to see if he will give me my reward now.
  • Olaf Hradson has given me a treasure map he, which he believes to be cursed. I doubt it is - he simply had it upside down. There is a treasure buried somewhere, as indicated by the X, and I intend to claim it!
  • I have gained access to Sven and Helmsman's cave. I should be careful of the creatures down here, and keep an eye out for both the treasure and any traps that guard it.
  • I have found the treasure and defeated Ulfric.