Dialogue for Obsidian golem

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  • Conversation 1
    • Obsidian golem: Let us go forth and prove our strength, Master!
    • Player: Where would you like to prove it?
    • Obsidian golem: The caves of the TzHaar are filled with monsters for us to defeat, Master! TzTok-Jad shall quake in his slippers!
    • Player: Have you ever met TzTok-Jad?
    • Obsidian golem: Alas, Master, I have not. No Master has ever taken me to see him.
  • Conversation 2
    • Obsidian golem: How many foes have you defeated, Master?
    • Player: Quite a few, I should think.
    • Obsidian golem: Was your first foe as mighty as the volcano, Master?
    • Player: Um, not quite.
    • Obsidian golem: I am sure it must have been a deadly opponent, Master!
    • Player: *Cough* It might have been a chicken. *Cough*
  • Conversation 3
    • Obsidian golem: Master! We are truly a mighty duo!
    • Player: Do you think so?
    • Obsidian golem: Of course, Master! I am programmed to believe so.
    • Player: Do you do anything you're not programmed to?
    • Obsidian golem: No, Master.
    • Player: I guess that makes things simple for you...
  • Conversation 4
    • Obsidian golem: Do you ever doubt your programming, Master?
    • Player: I don't have programming. I can think about whatever I like.
    • Obsidian golem: What do you think about, Master?
    • Player: Oh, simple things: the sound of one hand clapping, where the gods come from...Simple things.
    • Obsidian golem: Paradox check = positive. Error. Reboot.
  • Conversation 5 (with Fire cape equipped or in inventory)
    • Obsidian golem: Truly, you are a powerful warrior, Master!
    • Player: I'm pleased you think so.
    • Obsidian golem: It is my duty to respect you, Master.
    • Player: Oh, So you're just saying that to make me happy...
    • Obsidian golem: I obey all orders, Master.

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