Transcript of Nosorog Horn Toss

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Nosorog Horn Toss

Bandos still want more, so I go talk to Idithuun. I think this one obvious, too obvious to make boss man happy, though. I talk to Longhorn about his animals - he keep strange creatures in cages, we sometimes fight in Crucible. Longhorn love his animals a bit much, though. Longhorn name is funny story, but we not get into that.

Always he get sad when they die, more so than when fellow gobbos die. Other Idith not like that. None kill more gobbos than nasty nosorog. Rumour is it come from Bandos home - got big front horn like him, tough skin like him, thick skull like him, runs right at enemy. Hard to kill. Scary thing, hate it. Not Bandos though, love Bandos.

How I make nosorog more dangerous than already is? So, I figure, it hard to kill it, but it even harder to survive it. So, came up with game where gobbos can't kill nosorog, not even attack it, just must survive it. I took child gobbos toy - coloured stacking rings. Made aim to get rings on nosorog horn in order. Once final ring was on, game was won, and survivors were victorious.

When I tell Bandos, I think he was unsure of rings, thought it mocking the proud nosorog. I thought he take personal offence. This is big mistake...but he let slide. I thought I was a goner, but Big High was happy. I not know how that happen but am okay with that.

-Dorgeshuun Crucible Champion