Transcript of Nomad's Requiem journal entry

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  • I spoke to Zimberfizz at Soul Wars. He asked me to investigate Nomad's tent, as he suspects him of being up to something 'evil'.
  • Nomad appears to be under attack from mysterious dark assailants. Maybe he can shed some light on what is happening.
  • I investigated Nomad's tent and discovered an entrance to an ancient temple beneath the Soul Wars battleground. Nomad warned me not to investigate further into the temple.
  • There is an arcane doorway in the template that is being blocked by a barrier. I will need to find a way to get past it if I'm to explore further into the template.
  • I have managed to disable a strange device by redirecting the flow of water around the temple.
  • I have managed to disable a strange device by baiting the strange elemental creatures that were keeping it powered.
  • I have managed to disable the two strange devices, which were keeping the barrier of the arcane doorway powered. I can now explore further into the temple.
  • I have managed to defeat a decaying avatar, which appeared to be protecting another strange device.
  • I have managed to sabotage another strange device, which was powering the barrier of another arcane doorway.
  • I have managed to disable another two strange devices. Perhaps I can now discover what Nomad is up to.
  • Nomad has become obsessed with power and had constructed a huge throne to harvest the power of the soul obelisk.
  • I tried to reason with him, but he would not stop his evil scheme. We engaged in an epic struggle, but eventually Nomad fell before me.
  • I should report back to Zimberfizz on the surface and let him know what has happened.