Dialogue for Nipper demon

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Conversation 1
  • Player: So, I've fought a fair few ripper demons in my time.
  • Nipper Demon: We are aware. We're keeping score.
  • Player: Uh, that's a little worrying. Anyway, you know that death-jump you do?
  • Nipper Demon: Val'Rukath's Runaway Brain Train?
  • Player: Er, yes. Well, I was wondering if you could use it while I am fighting.
  • Player: You know, it would be good if you could one-hit things while I am slaying. Perhaps the odd boss.
  • Nipper Demon: Sure, why not. We will have to get you to sign a waiver, though.
  • Nipper Demon: The Brain Train has a habit of going off the rails and accidentally braining others, yes it does.
  • Player: You know what? Let's park that idea for another day.
Conversation 2
  • Nipper Demon: Have you considered upgrading to a cthonian symbiote?
  • Nipper Demon: We're all the rage, yes yes.
  • Player: You are not going to take over my body!
  • Nipper Demon: Ooh, such venom.
  • Nipper Demon: It's so painless. I slide over your body and take over all your motor functions. You'll barely notice.
  • Player: Get away from me!
  • Nipper Demon: I'll be the best coat you've ever had, yes yes!
Conversation 3
  • Nipper Demon: Buying S.I. and L.I.
  • Player: Are you merching while you're following me?
  • Player: Wait. What's an S.I. and L.I.?
  • Nipper Demon: Small intestines and large intestines. They're going up in price, yes yes.
  • Nipper Demon: Humans don't have the guts like they used to. Hehe!
  • Player: I think I'm going to vomit.
  • Nipper Demon: First dibs on yours if they pop out.
  • Nipper Demon: Sigh. I really wish the demon merchers would slash their prices.