Dialogue for Niles

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Niles: Hello, sir/madam. My name is Niles. Would you like to learn about bank notes?

  • Yes
    • Niles: Very good, sir/madam.
    • Niles: Bank notes are pieces of paper that represent an item that can be bought or sold.
    • For example, this on the left is an actual cabbage. You can eat a cabbage.
    • But this is not a cabbage - it is a bank note of a cabbage. You cannot eat this.
    • Niles: You can withdraw many items from your own bank in note form, so long as that item can be traded and does not normally stack.
    • Niles: To do so, click in the bank note toggle button and then withdraw your items as normal.
    • This is what the bank note toggle button looks like. It's at the bottom centre of the bank interface.
    • Niles: Conversely, you can move any bank notes from your inventory back into your bank. The simple act of doing so will store the actual item in your bank.
    • Player: Okay, so bank notes are just representations of objects?
    • Niles: Indeed! Now, these 'noted' versions of items cannot be used as could the item itself be - they are, after all, just pieces of paper.
    • Player: So what are bank notes good for, then?
    • Niles: Mostly for moving items around in bulk. You see, with some items, you are only able to carry as many as will fit in your inventory - for example, you can typically only carry twenty-eight logs, fish or pieces of ore at a time.
    • Niles: But bank notes stack, so you able to carry hundreds, thousands or even millions of the same item at once, and all taking up just one space in your inventory.
    • Niles: Bank notes can be traded with other adventurers or sold on the Grand Exchange; moved back and forth between your inventory and bank as you see fit, or even just dropped if you're cleaning your bank of junk.
    • Niles: Even some monsters are known to drop certain items in bank note form.
    • Player: Anything else I should know?
    • Niles: Just one more point - because noted items hold the same value as the items they represent, you will find that you can trade them for certain goods and services.
    • Niles: For example, farming patch gardeners will accept crop-tending payments in the form of bank notes, and you can use noted ore to load the smelter in the Artisan's Workshop in Falador.
    • Niles: You can even cast the Low and High-Level Alchemy spells on bank notes and you'll create the same amount of coins as you'd have got from casting the spell on the item itself!
    • Player: Wow, they sound pretty useful. Thanks for the info!
    • Niles: You are most welcome, sir/madam. Good day to you.
  • No.
    • Niles: Very good, sir/madam.