Dialogue for Nicholas Angle

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  • Nicholas Angle: I'm not surprised you want to fish. Fishing is great!
    • I need fishing bait.
    • Tell me about Fishing.
      • Nicholas Angle: Fishing is more than a method of gathering food. It's more than a profession. It's a way of life! Fish makes good eating, especially when you need to recover after battle.
    • Tell me about other survival skills.
      • Tell me about Woodcutting.
        • Nicholas Angle: Well, what it's really about is maintaining the natural balance and that. See, trees in Gielinor grow pretty wicked fast, and without us to trim them we'd soon be overrun! 'Course it doesn't hurt that you get useful logs in a wide variety of qualities that you can use for making stuff, or even setting light to, if that's your thing.
      • Tell me about Firemaking.
        • Nicholas Angle: When you chop down trees, all you're left with are useless logs. BURN THEM TO RELEASE THEIR FIERY HUMOURS! You can also cook food on a fire. You just put your sticks together AND STEAL THE POWER OF THE FLAME FROM THE GODS THEMSELVES! The world is filled with flammable objects straining for release! Join me - we can rebuild this world in flames!
      • Tell me about Cooking.
        • Nicholas Angle: Cooking is how you turn all of your fine but inedible ingredients into something you can eat. Eating is important, especially when you've been wounded in battle. You'll find a lot of food items in the world. Cook everything you find! Cook things that seem like no one would ever eat them. The only way to get better at it is to practice. So cook all the fish you catch, all the potatoes you grow, and your skill will improve. Better cooks make better food, but of course you need better ingredients. Fishing and farming can help you with that.
      • (back)
    • Tell me about the skill menu.
      • Opens the skill menu tutorial
    • Farewell.