Transcript of Next of Kin

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The death of Varanus has hit Skeka hard. They were not mates, from what I can tell, but they worked closely together since first setting foot on this world. He provided the various samples that she analysed, and she in return gave him information that improved his techniques, and through working together they had formed a strong bond of friendship. To that end, Varanus bequeathed to her ownership of his pet hypnotic dinosaur. It is a lovely specimen, but I find I am awkward around it.

Skeka coddled it for a time, studied it some too, but it simply moped around the outpost getting in the way. One of the teaching staff almost accidentally performed an autopsy on it. The other day, she took it to visit its former master, newly interred in his crypt - the first built on this world. Varanus has become revered among the kin for his brave sacrifice, while furthering our civilisation and helping to make this new world safe. When Skeka returned to the outpost, however, the dinosaur was not with her. She says it refused to leave Varanus's tomb, just laid down next to she left it there. I feel for the beast but must say I am also somewhat relieved.

Skeka's time with this creature did seem to inspire her own research, however. I get the impression she has stumbled upon something exciting.

I have also finished work on my latest poem. I recite:
Hep! Kal! Ort!
Sha Cra Lith Kab
Nos Kay Mok

It speaks to our long journey here, the trials we have overcome, yet posits that the truest trial is understanding oneself. This is something we must all now come to terms with on our newfound home. I performed it for Skeka, who was greatly appreciative of it, and how it captured some of her own thoughts and left her with a renewed sense of hope. I hear her reciting it to herself at times, and once also saw her inputting it in her pylon for safekeeping.

-Kranon, Syrtes cleric