Dialogue for Nex

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This transcript involves dialogue with Nex.

At the Frozen Door[edit | edit source]

  • Nex: All those who oppose us will perish
  • Nex: Mortals, only death awaits you here
  • Nex: Face me and know despair

During fight[edit | edit source]

Initial phase

  • Nex: AT LAST!
  • Nex: Fumus! Umbra! Cruor! Glacies!

Smoke phase

  • Nex: Fill my soul with smoke!
  • Nex: Let the virus flow through you!
  • Nex: There is...NO ESCAPE!
  • Nex: Fumus, don't fail me!

Shadow phase

  • Nex: Darken my shadow!
  • Nex: Fear the shadow!
  • Nex: Embrace darkness!
  • Nex: Umbra, don't fail me!

Blood phase

  • Nex: Flood my lungs with blood!
  • Nex: A siphon will solve this!
  • Nex: I demand a blood sacrifice!
  • Nex: Cruor, don't fail me!

Ice phase

  • Nex: Infuse me with the power of ice!
  • Nex: Contain this!
  • Nex: Die now, in a prison of ice!
  • Nex: Glacies, don't fail me!

Final phase

  • Nex: Taste my wrath!

Fate of the Gods[edit | edit source]

  • Nex: At once, my lord.