Dialogue for Neferti the Camel

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  • Ask the camel about its dung.
    • Player: I'm sorry to bother you, but could you spare me a little dung?
    • Neferti the Camel: Are you serious?
    • Player: Oh yes. If you'd be so kind.
    • Neferti the Camel: Well, just you close your eyes first. I'm not doing it while you're watching me!
    • Neferti the Camel: I hope that's what you wanted!
    • Player: Ohhh yes. Lovely.
  • Say something unpleasant.
    • Player: I wonder if that camel has fleas...
    • Neferti the Camel: What was that?
    • Player: Er, nothing important.
    • Neferti the Camel: Wait, you're a human, aren't you? Have you come from outside this town?
    • Player: Yes, I have.
    • Neferti the Camel: Oh, how wonderful! Does that mean I can finally leave this place and see the world outside?
    • Player: Wouldn't your master have to take you?
    • Neferti the Camel: My master has the plague, so he can't leave this town. Nor can anyone else. It's so boring here, and I'd like to travel.
    • Neferti the Camel: Travelling's what camels do best, you know.
    • Neferti the Camel: I don't suppose you could take me with you, could you?
    • Player: Don't you have the plague as well?
    • Neferti the Camel: Well, I haven't turned funny colours yet, so probably not. Will you take me with you?
    • Player: I don't really have space for a camel, sorry.
    • Neferti the Camel: Oh, well. Come back some time and bring me news of the rest of the world.
  • Neither - I'm a polite person.