Dialogue for Nathifa

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  • Player: Hi. Are you one of the returned townspeople?
  • Nathifa: Why, yes. You must be the brave adventurer that Maisa told us was seeking our return.
  • Player: I guess so.
    • I would like to buy some of your produce.
      • Opens store
    • Why were you stuck in Menaphos?
      • Nathifa: Well, it all started the day that the plagues broke out here.
      • Nathifa: I had gone into Menaphos in the morning to get some flour and chocolate powder and, when it came time for me to return, the gates were shut.
      • Player: So the guards wouldn't let you back?
      • Nathifa: No, not at first. I actually didn't want to return. I didn't want to come down with the plagues so I stayed.
      • Player: What happened then?
      • Nathifa: Well, word must have traveled back to the slaves that their fellow slaves in Sophanem no longer had to work and so they rioted.
      • Player: That must have been scary.
      • Nathifa: It was, but Coenus, chief gate keeper of the city, stamped the revolt down fairly fast...and quite brutally.
      • Player: If the revolt was stamped out, why are the gates not open?
      • Nathifa: No, it was only really stopped in the Imperial and Merchant districts of the city. There is still trouble brewing in the Worker and Ports districts.
      • Nathifa: Now, if you wouldn't mind, I'd rather not dwell any further on the past. Can I interest you in my goods?
        • Yes, please.
          • Opens store
        • No, thanks.
          • (Conversation ends)
    • It was nice to meet you.
      • (Conversation ends)