Transcript of Nadir

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This transcript involves dialogue with Skaldrun, Moia, Lucien, Zemouregal, Merchant (Nadir), Captain Toma, Bilrach, Yudura, Lord Yudura, and Hooved mage.

This transcript uses dialogue from 100% success mind probes. If you have not achieved 100% with a probe, the dialogue will vary slightly, as will the options given when you are asked questions. Note, much of this dialogue can be missed by clicking on the ground whilst conversations are in progress.

Intro[edit | edit source]

  • Skaldrun: From the shadows, watching and observing, there are figures who move between us with desires best left unspoken. Their goals are secret, but their actions can affect us in ways we cannot comprehend. They drift through our lives, with aspirations and motivations which compel them ever onwards. This is such a tale. A tale of obsession, of subjugation, and of corruption...

Ritual Site[edit | edit source]

500 years ago...
  • Moia: Cold. Always so cold. Finally, they're here.
  • Lucien: This had better be good, Moia. I've had enough of this place to last another 500 years.
  • Zemouregal: Ah so it's the half-breed again. Lucien, you must share your methods with me; you know of my enchant for studying the ethology of mongrels like these.
  • Lucien: Trust me, Zemouregal; it is not worth the disappointment. Extended lifespan or not, she is weak. Useless. Out with it, girl. why have we traipsed half-way across this wretched world to come back here so soon?
  • Moia: I came here at your request, sir. I found something that may interest you. See? Scratch marks. And surely you noticed the tracks in the snow on your approach.
  • Lucien: Yes, we did. Are you trying to say someone tried to move the Ritual Marker?
  • Zemouregal: Interesting. Without success, of course.
  • Moia: They could return at any time. that is why I remained here, on guard, and sent my troops back to bring you here.
  • Lucien: So ignorant, for someone so old. No-one can move the Marker; not even a true Mahjarrat. It is bound to this place.
  • Zemouregal: They can return if they please, but they will never be able to move it. But who would even attempt this?
  • Moia: Other Mahjarrat perhaps?
  • Lucien: Quiet, girl. we will handle this development. It no longer concerns you. Continue inspecting the area, while your betters decide the next steps.
  • Moia: Yes, sir.
End of cutscene

Dialogue between Zemouregal and Lucien while Moia is walking around

  • Zemouregal: So who is to blame for this? Surely a Mahjarrat would not attempt it.
  • Lucien: I agree. I suspect we're dealing with humans. Perhaps vampyre.
  • Zemouregal: But what use would they have for the Marker? Perhaps they were sent under orders.
  • Lucien: Indeed. a cart would explain the tracks. the scratches could be any manner of tool.
  • Zemouregal: This does not explain why. No Mahjarrat would attempt folly such as this.
  • Lucien: Who was missing from the ritual? I noticed some minor Mahjarrat were not there.
  • Zemouregal: Oh, quite a few of us.
  • Lucien: Perhaps we should pay closer attention to them.
  • Zemouregal: Yes, we have the manpower for that now. We can send a few select groups to hunt for them.
  • Lucien: Agreed. Let us make our first move.
Cutscene restarts
  • Lucien: Moia, attend.
Moia teleports back to the Ritual Marker
  • Zemouregal: Impressive trick. What else can you do?
  • Moia: I can absorb memories, sir. I make for a capable spy. Now avert your gaze, Mahjarrat. You are no lord of mine.
  • Zemouregal: Hah! Petulant girl. I wonder where you get that from.
  • Lucien: Enough bickering. I would rather us continue this conversation elsewhere, Zemouregal. Moia, take this device. It will allow you to communicate at a distance. Now we can avoid journeys like these in the future.
  • Moia: Thank you sir. I apologise again for my telepathic failings.
  • Zemouregal: Hah. Useless indeed.
  • Lucien: Zemouregal, tell me: who is the least of the missing Mahjarrat?
  • Zemouregal: Ah, so many to choose from: Kharshai; Jhallan, perhaps; or Bilrach. He is notably lacking.
  • Lucien: Bilrach, yes. Perfect. Moia, you have a new assignment. You are tasked to Find Bilrach and return with his current condition. Consider it a fitting punishment for bringing us to this place.
  • Moia: Bilrach? I have not heard of this Mahjarrat. Am I to understand he is beneath my abilities?
  • Lucien: Ha! Not so. In fact, you will find no more suitable a target for you than Bilrach. A wretch for a wretch. Never forget you are here only because of your link to me, child. I would see you waste your extended lifespan digging ditches for all the time I wasted in creating you. Your life is mine to waste.
  • Moia: Yes, sir. And what of my troops?
  • Lucien: My troops girl. They will be tasked to find the other Mahjarrat, of course. Mortal though they are, they will at least be capable of some limited success. Now go. Find Bilrach.
  • Moia: Yes, sir.
  • Lucien: And Moia... Do not fail me, daughter.
End of cutscene

Daemonheim Peninsula[edit | edit source]

1 year ago...
  • Moia: What is this place? Can this be it? Can I of found him? I saw them go this way. With those crates to carry, they can't of gone far. Old or not, I cannot stop now.

Walking south

  • Moia: I cannot go back. This is it; I'm sure of it.

Encounter with Fish sculpture

  • Moia: Fish? Curious.

Wandering toward where the boat is normally found

  • Moia: No time to see where these go. I have a task to complete.

Wandering around to the west of the peninsula

  • Moia: Doesn't look like I can get through here.

Walking up to the tower

  • Moia: Is this...a watchtower? What could be worth guarding here?

Moving through ruins north of start point

  • Moia: There are ruins everywhere. there are the crates. I can't teleport from here. I need to find a way up there.

Moving through an outline of a building

  • Moia: What could this building have been?

Moving through a building

  • Moia: More ruins. Is that a chimney?

Wandering around to the east of the peninsula

  • Moia: No way through here.

Moving up the stairs to the next level

  • Moia: There. There they are. Wait, there are people nearby...
  • Sentry: Did you really have to kill them all? Getting these inside will require more than one pair of hands.
  • Merchant: That is not my problem. I delivered what I was asked for, and the witnesses are no more. Now, inform your captain I require payment.
  • Sentry: For what? None of my men would ask for this...whatever it is. What is it?
  • Merchant: You will have to ask your master for that information.
  • Sentry: Bill? Ah, I see.
  • Merchant: Quite. Now payment if you please.
  • Sentry: As you wish. Next time, stick to selling goods out of your pack. I will ask the captain to supply some men to move these shortly. And for your payment, of course.
  • Merchant: Be quick. My pack is heavy and this place is freezing.
  • Sentry: You don't know the half of it.
Sentry leaves
  • Moia: Bill? None too subtle. I should inform Lucien of this.

Transmission to Lucien[edit | edit source]

  • Moia: Father, I have news.
  • Lucien: Still alive, I see. I would have thought your lifespan had expired by now.
  • Moia: Not yet, sir. I have news: I think I have found Bilrach.
  • Lucien: Again? Stop wasting my time, girl. I grew weary of your failings centuries ago.
Transmission ends
  • Moia: I need proof. I will not fail my task. I must get inside this place, and that merchant is my only opportunity.
End of cutscene

Wandering around to the east of the peninsula

  • Moia: Blocked.

Wandering around to the west of the peninsula

  • Moia: More rocks. I cannot go this way.

Interrogating Merchant[edit | edit source]

After completing the mind probe

  • Merchant: These fools... I'm the only trader that knows of this place. I can hike my prices as high as I please, and they'll never know it! Every time I come here there are fresh faces, bar that wretched captain. Just how big is this place? How many pockets to lighten of their coins? I should stop coming here, but those voices...those whispers... They call me to return. I found it. I found the relic. Those voices were right, and now I will be rewarded for my efforts, like they promised. My Zamorak Monk brothers need not know of this. My instructions were clear. Zamorak be praised. They always said I would die a pauper. Me? Hearthen? Fools.
  • Merchant: What did you do to me? Why can't I remember my name?
  • Moia: Your name is mine now. And so is your life.
Moia kills Merchant
  • Moia: Your greed is your end. All you have is now mine. But...a Monk of Zamorak? why would you be masquerading as a trader?
Changes into Merchant disguise
  • Moia: A loose fit, but it will do. Heavy, though; I'll not be able to fight in this disguise. The guard could return at any time. I should get inside while I can. I can use this disguise to make some progress, at least. The guards know this man, and I can use that to my advantage.

Walking near the east dragon statue-pillar

  • Moia: Strange.

Wandering around to the east of the peninsula

  • Moia: Not this way.

Moving north to Daemonheim castle courtyard

  • Moia: This seems to be the entrance. These steps look promising. they should lead deeper inside the structure.

Attempting to pass through a barrier

  • Moia: I'm not sure what is behind this, but I cannot get through it.

Frozen floors[edit | edit source]

  • Moia: This place is quieter than I thought it would be. And colder.
Attempting to enter the room to the west
  • Moia: I can't turn back now; not when I'm so close to finding Bilrach.
Attempting to open a door in the starting room
  • Moia: Frozen shut. It looks like it's been this way for some time.

Cutscene when entering room to the east

  • Captain: The rest of you head up to the surface. I'll send a mage up when one gets here.
  • Soldier: Yes, captain. Some teleportation will make things quicker.
  • Ranger: Why not always keep a mage up there to teleport things down?
  • Soldier: Too visible. Bill says to keep hidden.
  • Cutscene ends
Moia Moves closer to Captain
  • Moia: He looks like he's in charge. I don't think I can make it past him. Maybe I should find another way around.
Moia turns away to leave
  • Captain: You there. Stop! What are you doing here? Why aren't you outside with the crates?
  • Moia: I passed some of your men on the way inside, they will handle the delivery from here. I'm here to sell my wares, not baby-sit deliveries.
  • Captain: Then why are you walking away from the mess-hall? You haven't had time to sell anything yet. Wait, your eyes...
  • Moia: Yes, enough of the charade captain.

Interrogating the Captain[edit | edit source]

Moia begins the mind probe on the captain

After Moia finished the memory probe

  • Captain: I can barely trust these men to swing a sword without hitting themselves. They can't cope without my direct instruction in training. I keep losing men to mindless bickering. Marin is dead and Druf is requesting a transfer. This place will be the end of us if this disorder continues. Where is Bill? This captaincy may have been forced upon me, but I must still treat my men as individuals. Comradeship is important, but duty must be the foundation. If we lose that, we'll turn on each other. I will return for you, Freya. I wish I could say when. I know I have been absent for some time, but my duties here are too heavy to abandon. The men will be lost without my guidance, and this place... This place will be our tomb if I don't maintain order and honour in the ranks. I don't think I'll ever be used to this rank. Captain Toma? I've never felt less in command.
  • Captain: Why... Why can't I remember her name?
Moia kills Captain
  • Moia: I am sorry captain. If I can help it, your men will never know you failed them. And Freya. Sweet Freya. If I should find her after this, she will know your last thoughts were of her.
Changes into Captain disguise
  • Moia: A much better disguise. There's nothing to stop me now. I'm sorry your grave had to be this pit, Captain Toma.

Continuing On[edit | edit source]

Mage enters the room
  • Mage: I'm here, sir.
  • Moia: About time, soldier. they've already left, so be quick about it.
  • Mage: Not coming too, sir?
  • Moia: No, I have duties to perform. Go. Now.
  • Mage: Yes, sir.

When investigating padlocked door to the north

  • Moia: Locked.

Entering room to east

  • Moia: This looks like a storage room of some kind. Or it was until this place started to freeze. It's been raided for supplies though, that means people still come through here regularly.

Entering room to the south

  • Soldier: Captain! The men have already left to move the crates inside.
  • Moia: At ease. I'm only passing through.
  • Soldier: Yes, sir. Do you need more men to help move the delivery inside, sir? We're all talking about it; it's not often something actually happens these days.
  • Moia: If you're so interested, then go up to the surface and break your back carrying it inside with the rest of them.
  • Soldier: Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.
Soldier leaves
  • Moia: That was harsh. A captain would never speak that way to his men. I need to be careful what I say, or they could see through my disguise.

  • Soldier 1: When are you due to go up to the surface?
  • Soldier 2: On the next patrol. Trying to trade for my spot, too?
  • Soldier 1: Depends. What will it take?
  • Soldier 2: It won't come cheap. Best offer gets my spot.

  • Ranger: Sick and tired of growing food in these. Someone is always stealing from them these days.

  • Mage: Do you think the merchant brought anything good?
  • Soldier: I hope so. Not that I can afford it.
  • Mage: Me either. This rationing is driving mad.

Enter door to the south

Saga checkpoint reached

Furnished Floors[edit | edit source]

  • Moia: This floor is well maintained. This must be where the soldiers live. But why so deep? What could be so important?

Attempting to enter room to the east

  • Moia: I can't turn back now; not when I'm so close to finding Bilrach.
  • Skaldrun: I don't believe that returning through this door is part of our tale. If you leave now, the story leaves with you. Shall I end our tale?

Entering room to the north

  • Moia: Dead end. it seems to be a barracks of some kind.

Entering room to the south

  • Soldier: Sir, permission to ask a question.
  • Moia: Go ahead, soldier.
  • Soldier: Could I take the next sentry shift with you on the surface?
  • You have your own duties for a reason, soldier. Do them.
    • Soldier: Right away sir! Sorry for wasting your time.
    • Soldier: Hmm, not exactly what I wanted to hear.
  • Got something to get off your chest, soldier? Be my guest.
    • Soldier: Thank you, sir! I promise I won't take up too much of your time.
    • Soldier: Great! Just what I wanted to hear.
  • Only if you bring the booze.
    • Soldier: Sir? I...I don't think that would be a wise idea. I'll get back to you another time.
    • Soldier: Strange. Doesn't sound like the captain at all.

Clicking out and proceeding without answering

  • Moia: I can't leave yet; it would look extremely suspicious. I should answer that question first.

  • Soldier 1: Hmm. Missing weapons again.
  • Soldier 2: Probably stolen like the last time.

  • Soldier: I don't know what to do. I can't just desert, can I?

  • Soldier: So what do you think?
  • Ranger: Ask me later, when the captain has gone.

Enter room to the south

Investigate Yellow wedge door

  • Moia: Some kind of strange configuration. Is this...magic? I don't think I could open it without the key, I should find another way out of this room.

Moving through the room

  • Moia: More furnishings. I need to watch what I say. There are soldiers everywhere.

Enter room to the east

  • Mage: Sir, can I borrow you for a second?
Moia Moves further into the room
  • Mage: Sir, have you thought much more on my transfer request?
  • At length Marin. We shall talk more later.
    • Mage: Marin died last month, sir. Are you feeling all right?
    • Moia: I don't have time for this. Come find me later in the day.
    • Mage: Strange. Doesn't sound like the captain at all.
  • Ask me later, Druf. I have no time for you right now.
    • Mage: Of course, sir. Sorry to interrupt.
    • Mage: The captain must be busy. I'll ask later.
  • What transfer? You should be happy with what you have.
    • Mage: I made the request several weeks ago, sir; when the new recruits came in.
    • Moia: Yes, of course. Leave it to me, then.
    • Mage: It's not like the captain to be forgetful.

  • Soldier 1: Keep your voice down.
  • Soldier 2: Why? There's no point in hiding it anymore.
  • Soldier 1: Listen: things are bad, yes, but not yet.
  • Soldier 2: Another week. Then we run.
  • Soldier 1: Okay, one more week. Maybe Bill will return before then.

  • Mage: Where did that book go? These barbarians never return them.

  • Soldier: I'd go insane without this library. So peaceful.

  • Mage: Interesting. Ha. Hmm.

Enter room to the south

  • Solder: Ah, sir, you're early. The men are assembled, sir.
  • Moia: Oh yes?
  • Soldier: Yes, sir; for the combat practice. We're ready whenever you are.
  • Tell them to wait there. No practice until I return.
    • Soldier: Of course, sir. I'll keep them in line.
    • Soldier: The captain is right, we should just wait for him.
      • Soldier 1: Where is the captain?
      • Soldier: He has important things to do right now. He'll be back shortly, so we wait.
      • Soldier 1: Fair enough.
      • Soldier 2: More delays. This place needs better leadership.
      • Soldier 3: One late training session and you complain.
      • Soldier: Keep it down, you two. Okay, men; training is on hold.
  • You're trained soldiers. Practice among yourselves until I return.
    • Soldier: I'll inform the men, sir. And the infirmary.
    • Soldier: Strange. Doesn't sound like the captain at all.
      • Soldier: Okay men, training starts now.
      • Soldier 1: Where is the captain?
      • Soldier: He has important things to do right now. He says we practice among ourselves instead.
      • Soldier 1: What?
      • Soldier 2: That's ridiculous! Someone will get hurt. Well, it won't be me.
      • Soldier 3: Me either; I'm not taking part in this.
      • Soldier: Keep it down, you two.
  • You lead this one, but try not to kill anyone.
    • Soldier: Sir? Well, if you think they'll listen to me, I'll get right on it.
    • Soldier: I'm not sure the captain made the right choice here.
      • Soldier:Okay men, the captain has left me in charge.
      • Soldier 1: You can't be serious.
      • Soldier: Those are his orders. It's weapons training, as usual. I'll instruct.
      • Soldier 1: Fair enough.
      • Soldier 2: What a waste of time. He can't teach us anything.
      • Soldier 3: I know. Why would the captain pick him?
      • Soldier: Keep it down, you two.

  • Soldier 1: When is Bill coming back? This place is going to hell.
  • Soldier 2: I bet he's gone for good this time.
  • Soldier 1: I hope not, or it'll be anarchy.
  • Soldier 2: Yeah. Are you getting prepared for it?
  • Soldier 1: I have supply caches hidden here and there.
  • Soldier 2: Me too. Still, I hope we won't need it.
  • Soldier 1: I just what to see home again.

Investigate Runed door

  • Moia: Another obstruction, this one seems dangerous to touch. I should find another door instead.

Investigate Orange shield door

  • Moia: Some kind of strange configuration. Is this...magic? I don't think I could open it without the key, I should find another way out of this room.

Enter door to the east

  • (If all questions were answered correctly)
  • Moia: Perfect, they had no idea who I really was. I only hope Freya can forgive me.
  • (If two out of the three questions were answered correctly)
  • Moia: That didn't go so badly, I think I might have convinced them.
  • (If one out of the three questions were answered correctly)
  • Moia: I'd best move quickly. Some of those soldiers were getting very suspicious.
Two soldiers enter the room
  • Soldier: Wait just a moment. We'd like to have a few words with you.
  • Moia: I have just one for you. Die!
Moia fights and kills the soldiers
  • Moia: I think I'm past the worst of it. Hopefully there won't be many more soldiers.
  • (If no questions were answered correctly)
  • Moia: I think I'm in a lot of trouble. I need to get out of here, fast.
Five soldiers and a ranger enter the room
  • Soldier: Wait just a moment. We'd like to have a few words with you.
  • Moia: I have just one for you. Die!
Moia fights and kills the soldiers and ranger
  • Moia: I think I'm past the worst of it. Hopefully there won't be many more soldiers.

Enter door to the east

  • Moia: I haven't seen soldiers for some time. Perhaps I'm past the worst of it.

Enter door to the east

  • Moia: I can't turn back now; not when I'm so close to finding Bilrach.
  • Skaldrun: I don't believe that returning through this door is part of our tale. If you leave now, the story leaves with you. Shall I end our tale?

Enter door to the south

  • Moia: It's too quiet. Something is wrong.

Investigate Crimson diamond door

  • Moia: Some kind of strange configuration. Is this...magic? I don't think I could open it without the key, I should find another way out of this room.

Enter door to the east

  • Moia: Empty. Where are all the people?

Enter door to the south

  • Dangerous figure: Ahh, Captain Toma, is it not? How fortunate to happen upon you here.
  • Moia: What do you want? I have duties to attend to.
  • Dangerous figure: Duties many floors above this one, Captain Toma. Tell me; why are you here, so far from your post?
  • Moia: That is no concern of yours, you repugnant beast. Now, move out of my way.
  • Dangerous figure: I think not. You will find that you serve me well, Captain, as one of my fallen. Needs must, as we necrolords drive. Now...come closer.
  • Moia: If you insist.

Interrogating Yudura[edit | edit source]

Moia begins Memory probe

After memory probe is complete

  • Dangerous figure: Reduced to body-snatching. How low you have sunk, Yudura; how low indeed. Yet, still, a body is needed. Next time I will send someone else. How many times will these necromancers bother me with their petty complaints? I should kill them and take all they have for myself. Bill is nowhere to be found, and all falls apart within mere weeks. Wretched slaves! Soldiers from above or not, I will mutilate them to shut their rebellious mouths. These silly attempts at escape must stop. Master, where have you gone? We all have our secrets, you more than most, but this place will collapse from the voices... Hah! When these fools realise that I, Lord Yudura, have been slowly poisoning them... then... then they'll behold my true greatness and tremble.
  • Yudura: What did you take from me? I...can't remember... I'll kill you! I'll rip your limbs and watch you eat them!
Moia starts fighting Yudura
  • Yudura: You are the true monster here. YOU! You will pay for what you took from me! Aaaagggh!
Moia kills Yudura
  • Moia: Argh! My head... No time to delay. I must take on this disguise before another beast like this arrives.
Moia changes disguise
  • Moia: This fetid mind... Rank... Vile...

Transmission to Lucien[edit | edit source]

  • Moia: Lucien, you will listen to me.
  • Lucien: Ah, it bites back. Finally found a mind with will and backbone? Very well; make it brief.
  • Moia: I have found a vast underground complex, filled with troops and who knows what else.
  • Lucien: And Bilrach?
  • Moia: No sign yet. But this place has a master by the name of 'Bill'. Doubtless it is whom I seek.
  • Lucien: Possibly. Keep me informed of any developments. Actual developments. I do not care for minutia.
  • Moia: As you wish.
  • Transmission ends
  • Moia: I grow weary too, father. What will it take to... Enough, I have work to do.

Enter door to the south

Saga checkpoint reached

Occult Floors[edit | edit source]

  • Moia: This place is different... Filled with malice. Feels like home.

Attempting to enter room to the (compass direction)

  • Moia: I can't turn back now; not when I'm so close to finding Bilrach.
  • Skaldrun: I don't believe that returning through this door is part of our tale. If you leave now, the story leaves with you. Shall I end our tale?

Enter door to the east

  • Moia: Is that...water?

Enter door to the east

  • Moia: Bodies. They seem to have been drowned. Is this a dumping ground for corpses?
Moia moves towards purple portal
  • Moia: Is this where the bodies are disposed of? Effective.

Attempting to leave the room

Camera focuses on portal
  • Moia: Strange. I thought I heard voices.

Leave room Enter door to the south

  • Necrolord: Curse these pathetic slaves.
  • Moia: What are you babbling about now?
  • Necrolord: They're being unruly and difficult to command. What should I do?
  • Kill them
    • Necrolord: What a waste, but if you think it best.
    • Necrolord: I'm not sure that advice was ideal.
      • Necrolord: Time to die.
      • Slave: No, please - stop!
Necromancer stabs the slave dead
  • Cut off their hands.
    • Necrolord: An excellent notion!
    • Necrolord: Excellent advice again from Lord Yudura.
  • Leave them to rot, they'll die soon enough.
    • Necrolord: Leave them to rot? If you say so, my Lord Yudura...
    • Necrolord: This is a terrible idea.

  • Necrolord 1: Marvellous, don't you think?
  • Necrolord 2: Yes, this place is our own stalking ground now.
  • Necrolord 1: One would hope Bill takes his time.
  • Necrolord 2: I have my suspicions that he shan't be returning.
  • Necrolord 1: Oh really?
  • Necrolord 2: Mhm. Have you seen him around recently? Quite, quite mad.

  • Slave: Wake up, please wake up.

Enter door to the south

  • Moia: This place is a den of horrors. It will take my greatest efforts to pass unhindered.

Enter door to the west

  • Necrolord: Lord Yudura, this cretin has been using MY slaves in his experiments for weeks! See for yourself.
  • Necrolord 2: And THAT is how we flood the lungs.
  • Necrolord 3: Fascinating.
  • I will handle it later - for half your slaves.
    • Necrolord: Half? But...yes, Lord Yudura, if that is what you ask for riding me of this problem.
    • Necrolord: Hmm, I expected him to take them all.
  • Remain here. I will return and we will kill him together.
    • Necrolord: Together? What desire do you have in helping me? I will handle this myself, without you.
    • Necrolord: Yudura is a fool!
  • Kill him, or I will kill you.
    • Necrolord: Yes, Lord Yudura. At once!
    • Necrolord: Excellent advice!

  • Necrolord 1: Today we will experiment with something new. Tell me: how does water in the lungs affect performance?
  • Necromancer 1: Um... Increased decomposition rate?
  • Necrolord 1: Exactly. Not to mention a slower zombie.
  • Necromancer 2: I see some potential in spilt fluids.
  • Necrolord 1: You are quite correct. That also provides an excellent vector for disease.
  • Necromancer 2: Fascinating.
  • Necromancer 1: I hadn't thought of that.
  • Necrolord: Soon your time will come.

  • Slave 1: Where am I? What happened to me?
  • Slave 2: Keep quiet. They'll hear you.
  • Slave 1: They... They took me. Why didn't anyone stop them?
  • Slave 2: No-one can help you now. The best you can hope for is to become... one of the undead over there.
  • Zombie: Hrrrgh.
  • Slave 1: Oh, no. NO!
  • Slave 2: Better that than food for the behemoths. Be grateful for that much before you die.

Investigate Gold diamond door

  • Moia: Some kind of strange configuration. Is this...magic? I don't think I could open it without the key, I should find another way out of this room.

Enter door to the west

Moia stops at a portal
  • Moia: These again. where could they lead? No matter, I cannot risk it. Who knows where I might end up? But...they draw me closer. I feel compelled to...
Moia drains power from the portal
  • Moia: I... What is this? Warmth? Whole. More. Yes.
Moia moves to a second portal
  • Moia: More!
Moia drains the portal
  • Moia: What is happening to me? I feel stronger than I have in centuries. Is this how it feels to be Mahjarrat? I must have more. But... My mission! I must be careful. Must stay hidden; use restraint. I cannot alert Bilrach to my presence.

Enter door to the south

  • Necrolord: Where have you been? Where is the soldier we require for the experiment?
  • There were none suitable. We must wait for more recruits.
    • Necrolord: Wait? Hmm.
    • Necrolord: That doesn't sound like Yudura at all.
  • His body is on the floor above. Fetch it yourself, I am busy.
    • Necrolord: Of course, Lord Yudura. Next time we will send someone who can finish the job.
    • Necrolord: Typical Yudura. Arrogant as always.
  • I had trouble finding one. I will return to the task in time, now begone.
    • Necrolord: In time? Typical of you, Lord Yudura. Starting to find it hard to snare a victim, hmm?
    • Necrolord: It's not like Yudura to fail like that.

  • Necrolord 1: Yudura failed to procure a victim.
  • Necrolord 2: No matter. We'll get one later. Such a bounty of slaves for us.
  • Necrolord 1: And free to take them from anywhere we please.
  • Necrolord 2: Yes, death has seldom seen such a boon.

  • Necrolord 1: Soon we'll run out of slaves from the upper levels.
  • Necrolord 2: Yes, it would appear so. And the lower levels... ...even I feel reluctant to venture down there.
  • Necrolord 1: We need new slaves not only soldiers to abduct. We need Bilrach to return.
  • Necrolord 2: Yes, look at us now. Feeding on our own protection.
  • Necrolord 1: Beautiful, isn't it?
  • Necrolord 2: Oh, yes. Yes, it is.

  • Necromancer: Speak up, I cannot hear you.
  • Slave: Please, master. Forgive me!
  • Necromancer: Forgiveness is for the weak.
Necromancer punches the slave

  • Slave: Oh, gods. How did it come to this?
  • Zombie 1: Huuuurn.
  • Slave: Please... Please don't let them change me.
  • Zombie 2: Huuurgh.
  • Slave: I just want to go home.

Investigate Purple corner door

  • Moia: Some kind of strange configuration. Is this...magic? I don't think I could open it without the key, I should find another way out of this room.

Enter door to the east

  • (If all questions were answered correctly)
  • Moia: That couldn't have gone any better. They had no idea who I truly am. Almost a pity that I cannot continue to poison them all slowly to their deaths. The blades of those who follow will have to suffice.
  • (If two out of the three questions were answered correctly)
  • Moia: That seemed to go okay. Best move on; I need to wash the stink of this place from me.
  • (If one out of the three questions were answered correctly)
  • Moia: I need to keep moving; I may have slipped up with some of thoose questions.
  • (If no questions were answered correctly)
  • Moia: I'm in a lot of trouble; they know I can't be Lord Yudura. I need to prepare myself for a fight. They'll be here any second.
A necrolord and two necromancers enter the room
  • Dangerous Figure: Stop. We want to talk to you. Well, perhaps not talk to you. More like gut you like the spy you are.
  • Moia: It will be my pleasure.
Moia fights and kills the necrolord and necromancers
  • Moia: I need to be more careful. I can't take much more of this.

Enter door to the east

  • Moia: More of these portals. I can feel my new strength fading. I should draw power from them, while I can.

Investigate Collapsing doorframe

  • Moia: The door frame seems weak. I don't think I should risk opening the door.

Enter door to the south

A Hooved Mage is in the room
  • Moia: What was that creature?

Enter door to the east

  • Moia: There it is. I'll just have to get past it. That is a disguise I cannot hope to take. It will have to die.
  • Hooved Mage: You, Deathmaker. Stand still. Your mind is not your own. I sense... Intruder! Alarm!
  • Moia: What? How? No, I refuse this. I refuse! Sound the alarms. Sound them all! I will not be denied!
Moia sheds her disguise and fights and kills the Hooved Mage
  • Moia: So much power! But I can feel it draining. I must lay waste to any who cross me now, until I find more portals. There is no going back now. I am coming for you, Bilrach.

Enter room to the east

Moia kills a room full of soldiers
  • Moia: They fall like flies. They cannot hope to stop me. But my wavers. I need more power.
    Saga checkpoint reached

Warped Floors[edit | edit source]

  • Moia: This place seems unstable. Dangerous, but that won't stop me now.

Attempting to enter room to the east

  • Moia: I can't turn back now; not when I'm so close to finding Bilrach.
  • Skaldrun: I don't believe that returning through this door is part of our tale. If you leave now, the story leaves with you. Shall I end our tale?

Entering room to the south

  • Soldier: What do you mean? What sorceress?
  • Ranger: She laid waste to everyone. She's coming this way!
  • Soldier: Nonsense. Your mind is just playing tricks on you. This place can do that to you.
Camera angle changes
  • Soldier: Wait. Who are you? Get her!
Moia fights and kills the soldiers

Attempting to enter room to the south

  • Moia: I sense... nothing behind this door. Over there is where I need to be going, I'm sure of it.

Enter room to the west

  • Soldier: Get through the door, quickly! I'll lock the door behind us.
  • Moia: That door... That's where I need to go. A lock won't hold me back. I should find a portal. I'll need power to get through the door.

Unlock Silver shield door

  • Moia: Enough of these doors. Open. I demand it!

Enter door to the east

  • Soldier: She's here! She broke through!
Moia fights and kills a room of soldiers

Enter door to the south

  • Mage: Keep moving!
Soldiers exit the room
  • Moia: That's right, run for your lives. Now I understand the Mahjarrat. The power is intoxicating.

Enter door to the south

  • Mage: She's coming!
  • Soldier 1: Everyone through the door! We'll keep her busy.
  • Soldier 2: No come with me - don't leave me!
  • Soldier 1: Go! Now!
  • Soldier 2: How can this be happening?
  • Soldier 1: Death to the sorceress!

Unlock Green pentagon door

  • Moia: Open!

Enter door to the west

  • Soldier 1: Where are the stalkers? The behemoths?
  • Soldier 2: They have abandoned us. We need to rely on each other now.
  • Soldier 1: Look!
  • Moia: Nothing can stop me. I will have Bilrach!
  • Soldier 1: Who?
  • Soldier 2: No, he can't be dead! Kill the witch!

Enter door to the west

  • Moia: There's no-one left to stop me now. I'm coming for you, Bilrach.

Enter door to the west

Cutscene starts
  • Moia: Dead. Still warm. Seems to have been killed recently. And another drained portal. But still, I feel power somewhere close by.

Enter door to the east

  • Moia: More corpses and...wooden debris? What happened here? It looks like I'm close to the source of this. Close to the end. Where are you, Bilrach?
Cutscene ends

Enter door to the east

Bilrach and the Ritual Marker[edit | edit source]

  • Moia: ... How...
  • Bilrach: Only time; only a delay in time. But...
  • Moia: Who goes there? Speak.
  • Bilrach: Walls made of memories. Walls made of LIGHT! A return? No, waiting.
  • Moia: Bilrach? Are you...yes, you must be. Bilrach.
  • Bilrach: Visitor! Ah, we have been - aha - waiting for you. Yes, Moia... Waiting. Come, come. The walls ache. Time for...I...oh.
  • Moia: What is this...madness. Is this who I've been searching for? Surely not. Bilrach. How did you know my name? Did you know I was coming?
  • Bilrach: Oh no, not I. Naturally! A portal here, a portal there. Another gift from the outside. Strange, I cannot recall asking for - but then, but then I have been here a long time, and we are...not what I used to be.
  • Moia: No, this can't be right. You're a gibbering wreck. How did you construct a place this vast? Who were all those soldiers? Are you in charge here?
Moia turns away
  • Moia: This is getting me nowhere.
Attempt to enter door to the east
  • Moia: I can't leave yet. I'm so close to completing my task; to being rid of this burden.

Investigating Ritual Marker

  • Moia: I thought this couldn't be moved. Why would Bilrach need this?

Bilrach's ramblings (spoken in a random order)

  • Bilrach: Praise be to Zamorak!
  • Bilrach: A bloody ruin, torn in fright!
  • Bilrach: Fear is for the end.
  • Bilrach: The breadth of time. Justice!
  • Bilrach: Soft ash. A whole endeavour
  • Bilrach: Stop babbling, you wretch.
  • Bilrach: Spectres, lies, falsehoods and transparencies.

Transmission to Lucien[edit | edit source]

  • Moia: Lucien. This wretched task is over.
  • Lucien: A disappointment to the end, hmm? What of Bilrach?
  • Bilrach is alive and dangerous.
    • Moia: He is alive, but he is wild - dangerous. The man has lost his mind.
    • Lucien: A pity. An unhinged Mahjarrat is no minor threat, true. Kill him, Moia. I won't risk a feverish Bilrach laying waste to my plans. He cannot be trusted to toe the line.
    • Moia: I will see what I can do.
    • Lucien: Tread carefully, daughter. My patience is in short supply and my forgiveness more so. Kill him, or die trying. Perhaps it is fitting that you die to Bilrach; you are much a snivelling wretch as he. I will not expect your return.
  • Bilrach is alive and not a threat.
    • Moia: No, not dead. Not yet. He can barely string a coherent sentence together. The man has lost his mind. He is no threat.
    • Lucien: Can he be moved or led? He might do for a sacrifice. Your new task, Moia: Bring Bilrach back to me, immediately.
    • Moia: I will see what I can do.
    • Lucien: You will do better than that, daughter, or pay the cost. Do as I say, or never return to me. I will slay you with my own hands if you do not obey my commands.
  • Bilrach is dead.
    • Moia: Dead.
    • Lucien: What a waste. He could have been sacrificed. Perhaps he truly was as weak as we thought. The moment of his passing left no impression on the rest of we Mahjarrat. As for you, daughter, it would appear that your failure is finally complete. It is your own ineptitude that led to this 500 years of wasted effort. No doubt had you been more diligent in your duties then Bilrach would be alive and in a more...useful state to me.
    • Moia: My apologies, father, naturally.
    • Lucien: Mind your tongue, girl. My patience is spent, and you have outlived your usefulness to me. Return to me at your peril, daughter. Should I see you again, I will rid myself of you with my hands around your worthless throat.
  • Bilrach is not here.
    • Moia: Bilrach is not here. I was wrong.
    • Lucien: Is there any sign of why he was there, or where he has gone?
    • Moia: None. It is like he was never here. Perhaps he never was.
    • Lucien: Failed again. Once again, a failure for a daughter. My patience has passed its limit, Moia. You have failed me one time too many. Find yourself a hole in the ground in which to hide, child. If I see you again, I will wring your pathetic neck with my own hands.
  • Moia: Goodbye, father.

Making a Choice[edit | edit source]

  • Moia: And you, Bilrach... What to do with you? What a mess. Time to relinquish this burden. I have a life to live, and now the power to take whatever I wish.
Bilrach regains some sanity
  • Bilrach: Fascinating. Tell me: you are part Mahjarrat, are you not? The power of the portals flows in you still. Weak, but flowing nonetheless.
  • Moia: What is this? What happened to you? You were stumbling and rambling moments ago.
  • Bilrach: He... I have my moments of lucidity. The strain is hard in a place such as this. I must reach far to hold on to...sanity. It has been so long. A fascinating device you have there, but you will not need it. I suspect Lucien will not expect you to hear from you again. Not before you plunge your dagger into his chest, at least. I can see that possibility appeals to you.
  • Moia: ...
  • How did you know I was talking to Lucien?
    • Bilrach: I know many things. I have felt your presence from the beginning, and waited. I see all within my dwelling - all things. I, too, feed from the portals, and I have grown strong again. Stronger than Lucien and his cohorts might recall. You could be that strong too, if you so desired.
  • Tell me of the portals and their power.
    • Bilrach: Ahh, a wonderful resource. Pivotal, one might say. A mighty boon of strength and power; that much you have seen and wielded yourself. You have seen that, even without a rejuvenation ritual, I am fully fleshed. The portals can do that for us Mahjarrat; that is why they are so dangerous. I can teach you, you Mahjarrat half-breed, to better wield that power. It slips through your finger, yes? I can show you how to hold it fast - how to do more than you can ever imagine.
  • How long have you been here?
    • Bilrach: So very long. Longer than Lucien and other Mahjarrat dare think. I have watched, yes, and waited. Waiting for a Mahjarrat to come to my prison. And now I have...
    • Moia: Prison? You are trapped here? I thought you created this place; this...fortress of death.
    • Bilrach: Hmm? Oh yes, of course. I did, didn't I? This...fortress, did you say? Digging so very many floors. But the end is in sight. Just one floor left. Then, a new beginning. My new beginning. Our new beginning.
  • What is this place? What is it for?
    • Bilrach: At fist a place to hide, but now a path to the surface. an unbroken gateway. Down here in this corrupted cave of walls and light, and end to this imprisonment. An endless freedom, and a new dawn. A dawn you must see, Moia. You are strong, in spite of the disease of your humanity. The portals will see the Mahjarrat within you blossom, and you will become like a goddess among your kind. As I was like a god among mine.
  • Why is the Ritual Marker here?
    • Bilrach: An interesting question.
    • Moia: But...I was told it couldn't be moved. It's in pieces, too. What happened to it?
    • Bilrach: Ahh, my dear, but it is the original marker. It took time to deliver, one piece at a time. You may thank your merchant friend for that.
  • What happens now? (only appears after all other options have been chosen)
    • Bilrach: My dear, you have been given the best of both worlds, not the worst as Lucien would have you believe. You have tasted power - true power - but without me, and without allegiance to my cause, you will never feel it again.
    • Moia: I have no interest in your cause. I could take the power of the portals for myself. I am revived and youthful once more. I can discover the secret of the portals alone.
    • Bilrach: You are welcome to try, but you will not leave this place without my consent. Come with me and you will know a power and a knowledge that will render you immortal - render us both immortal. Leave, and you will perish. Decide, Moia, here and now. What is your choice?
    • continues below
  • This place must be destroyed.
    • Moia: What you have done here is an aberration, Bilrach. Your centuries-long descent has left a wake of misery and the time has come for you to account for your deeds.
    • Bilrach: Why thank you for the compliment, Moia. All you have seen within these walls is the true nature of the Mahjarrat. As a half-breed, you could never understand that.
    • Moia: Enough. You may be Mahjarrat, and you may be powerful, but I know where my allegiances lie. I will return to Lucien and then you will fell the full weight of the Mahjarrat hammer down upon you. they will destroy this place.
    • Bilrach: And we had such high hopes for you.
    • Bilrach casts a spell rendering Moia unconscious
    • Bilrach: Rest now, child. Sleep. I have such wonders to show you.
  • I'm taking all this for myself.
    • Moia: You've done well to stay hidden for this long, Bilrach. But the time has come for this place to suffer a new master. I am taking this place for my own.
    • Bilrach: A most unwise decision, child.
    • Moia: We'll see about that.
    • Moia attempts a mind probe
    • Moia: Oh, gods... You mustn't!
    • The screen whites out and returns to find Moia unconscious
    • Bilrach: Discover anything interesting, child? There are secrets in this mind I have yet to uncover.
    • Bilrach levitates Moia
    • Bilrach: The time for ascension has come. We have a lot of work to do.
    • Bilrach and Moia leave through the east door
  • (Lie) I will follow you.
    • Moia turns and walks away
    • Moia: (to self) I don't trust him, but this power... I'll do whatever it takes to get more. But I need some way to gain control if he is trying to trick me. A way to escape if I need to.
    • Moia turns and faces Bilrach
    • Moia: Okay, I agree. Show me how to control the portals. Show me how to attain my own power.
    • Bilrach: Excellent. I knew you'd see how beneficial we can be for one another.
    • Moia walks next to Bilrach but does not face him
    • Moia: Lucien will be expecting to hear from me eventually. He knows I am here, and, without any contact from me, he will come looking.
    • Bilrach turns to face Moia
    • Bilrach: Oh, but my dear, we both know that is a lie. You are are not the only one with an affinity for the minds of others. No matter. You will still get what you want. Just remember that you never really had a choice in the matter.
    • Bilrach walks to the east door
    • Bilrach: Come, our ascension lies beneath us.
    • Bilrach leaves through the east door
    • Moia: ...
    • Camera pans out as Moia leaves through the east door
  • I will follow you.
    • Moia: Tell me Bilrach: tell me of what awaits us.
    • Bilrach: All in due course, child. Ah, but you are a child no more, today you will become a goddess, as was your destiny.
    • Camera pans over the ritual stone and then Moia and Bilrach
    • Moia: And if the Mahjarrat contest us? Will the portal be enough to sustain a conflict with them all?
    • Bilrach: Do not concern yourself of trivial matters, Moia.
    • Both turn to face the stone
    • Bilrach: As the rituals continue, and the Mahjarrat numbers dwindle through the in-fighting and sacrifices, I - no, WE shall emerge to consume all, rule all and be all on this wretched plane. I have walked this road long enough, it is time to bring things to a close.
    • Bilrach turns and walks towards the east door
    • Bilrach: Come, the end of what we've known is ahead.
    • Bilrach exits through the east door
    • Moia: And the beginning of everything I've deserved.
Camera pans out as Moia leaves through the east door

Finishing Up[edit | edit source]

  • Skaldrun: ...and with a deathly urgency the pair moved ever downwards, through unfinished rock, taking the final steps to the events which brought us all to this place. The tale of Moia may end here, at the convergence of two souls, but from there a new tale is forged. A tale still unfinished and written in an abyss not even I can yet penetrate. Leave me now. A horror is approaching, and I am weary...