Transcript of Myths of the White Lands journal entry

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  • I can start this quest by talking to Explorer Jack in Lumbridge.
  • Explorer Jack has told me that riches await in the Land of Snow.
  • I can get to the Land of Snow by talking to Isidor in the Wizards Tower. I need to remind him of the phrase 'Ectosum glissendo'. I should then explore the Land of Snow until I find the riches.
  • I have entered the last room of the caves. There is a giant yeti guarding it. It shouted at me so loudly that I slid back out of the room without being able to do anything. I cannot enter that room by the main entrance, it seems.
  • There are huge square stones in the room before the Yeti. I have pushed them and they have lodged into a raised platform against the wall, creating a path. I have walked on the raised platform which I fixed by pushing stones into the gaps. I entered the last room by a side entrance. I discovered a primitive-looking etching on the wall that seems to depict a man using some sort of megaphone.
  • I used the megaphone. It produced a deafening sound that made the whole room shake. The yeti appears to have passed out in fear! I picked up the stones. When I exited the cave with the stones. three snow imps were waiting for me.
  • They told me that the stones I was carrying are in fact yeti dung! The myths of riches told to Explorer Jack were just a prank, to punish him for being too nosy, greedy and generally annoying. Since it is I that have undertaken this quest and not Explorer Jack, the snow imps have decided to let me in on the joke.
  • Yeti dung has a horrible smell once it has thawed. The snow imps enchanted the dung so it will only begin thawing when I give it to Explorer Jack.
  • I was honest with Explorer Jack and told him the truth about the 'riches'. He was a good sport and gave me an experience lamp for my trouble.
  • Explorer Jack managed to sell the dung to a passing witch for a goodly sum. He gave me 5,000 coins from the transaction.