Dialogue for Mysterious ghost (Valdez)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Mysterious ghost (Valdez) and the player.

Meeting Valdez[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello
  • Mysterious ghost (Valdez): H-Hello!
  • Player: So what's up?
  • Mysterious ghost (Valdez): I cannot belive it! You can see me? You understand my words?
  • Player: Sure can. So why are you hanging around here?
  • Mysterious ghost (Valdez): My tale is one of woe... No doubt you will have little interest in hearing it... Though it has been so many moons since last I had company in this endless non-life... (Start of Curse of Zaros (miniquest))
  • Player: Well, actually I would like to know what happened to you to turn you into an invisible ghost. If only so I can make sure it doesn't happen to me...
  • Mysterious ghost (Valdez): My name is Valdez. I served my Lord Saradomin faithfully for many years, as an explorer of this strange land we had been brought to. I remember the day this curse fell upon me clearly... I had just discovered a huge temple, hidden below the ground, of one of Saradomin's compatriots. I am unsure who had built it, or why they had left it seemingly abandoned, but inside I located a great treasure... It was the godstaff of Armadyl. Oh, how I rue my choice that day!
  • Player: Choice?
  • Mysterious ghost (Valdez): Aye, stranger. I chose that day to take it so that my Lord Saradomin's power and prestige could be increased by its possession. A god-weapon! Do you have any comprehension of the difficulty and rarity in obtaining such a thing? To find such an artefact of power just lying around, it is almost inpomrehensible... So it was there in that derested temple that I made my choice. I took the staff, and left that temple for Entrana immediately. This was the cause of my cursed state.
  • Player: What, you mean you gave it to Saradmin and in return he cursed you??? Seems kind of ungrateful if you ask me...
  • Mysterious ghost (Valdez): No stranger, you misunderstand completely... Firstly my gracious Lord would never treat anyone in such a manner; If he felt it was beyond my bounds as a mere mortal to hold such an artefact, he would simply have commanded me to return it to where I had claimed it, and I being eternallly loyal would have obeyed without question...
  • Player: And secondly?
  • Mysterious ghost (Valdez): And secondly, I never managed to pass the artefact on to my Lord... The vile thief Rennard accosted me as I made my way to Entrana, and after defeation me with a sneak attack, plundered the staff from my person, and left me for dead... I do not know what became of the staff, but I can feel in my very bones that whatever its final fate was, it is somehow related to this curse upon me...
  • Player: Wow. Tough break.
  • Mysterious ghost (Valdez): I am sorry to bore you with my tale stranger, please allow me to compound my rudeness by asking you for one favour, small to perform?
  • Player: Eh, I won't make any promises, but if it's nothing too annoying I guess I can help you out.
  • Mysterious ghost (Valdez): Many thanks stranger, this existence tortures me... I need you to find Rennard and if he has the staff yet reclaim it, or find out what hideous deed he performed to curse me so! I have nothing I may offer you save this piece of clothing, please take it as a payment...

During and after the Curse of Zaros[edit | edit source]

Case 1[edit | edit source]

  • Mysterious ghost (Valdez): Thank you for hearing my tale... It has been so lonely here...
  • Player: Can you remind me where to find the thief Rennard who caused this curse to befall you again?
  • Mysterious ghost (Valdez): Of course... Ah, the infamous Rennard... The last I had heard of that vile thief, he had hoined a group of bandits in a barren land to the South-east of here, where they prey upon the unsuspecting visitors to the desert awaiting the return of theri dark master...
  • Player: Okay, well I'll try and find him for you then.