Transcript of Mysterious clue scroll (You Are It)

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First clue[edit | edit source]


Second clue[edit | edit source]

Cry next to Duke Horacio.
Panic before you talk to me.
Equip nothing.
Nothing at all.

Third clue[edit | edit source]

00 degrees 58 minutes north
25 degrees 01 minutes east

Fourth clue[edit | edit source]

  • (Only on first time:)
    • It looks like the next stage of the clue can be solved somewhere in the location on the map.
    • (Continues below)
  • A map clue is shown.

Fifth clue[edit | edit source]

My house is full of adventurers who
were on the same quest as you.
They are all dead and soon
you will be too.
On a bookshelf is where I lay,
seek me out and you will pay.
Don't let the trees attack
you on the way.

Sixth clue[edit | edit source]

  • The clue scroll appears to be trying to pull you somewhere.
  • Right-clicking the clue to scan in the direction that it is pulling.[sic]

After solving the clues[edit | edit source]

  • The clue scroll appears to be blank. Its mischief has been managed.
  • The scroll is destroyed.