Transcript of Mysterious book

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Duke Horatio's novel (work in progress)

This is the first chapter of a mystery novel.

Roddeck suggested a man in Varrock, who wears an eyepatch and sells bows and arrows, may have more pages.

The second chapter detailed Lowe's murder in the story. Lowe said he spotted a girl with a party had who had more pages, and who was with a guy that had a big afro.

Megan was introduced in chapter three, and I solved the museum clue. Megan told me she heard somebody taking about more pages in Falador. This person wore pink and spoke about a Ridgeley.

Chapter four had the characters face off against the hairdresser, who wasn't happy about being the villain. The hairdresser said a woman in Al Kharid who sells skirts might have more pages.

The fifth chapters puzzle was pretty tough!

This book is about a character who gets wrapped up in solving clues to discover an ancient treasure. Its written by Duke Horatio of Lumbridge.

I solved the clues in the book and tracked down the pages as part of Cryptic Clue Fest II!