Dialogue for Myndill

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Possible greetings

  • Myndill: And how can I help you?
  • Myndill: Hello there, human
  • Myndill: How are you doing?
  • Myndill: Another beautiful day in Keldagrim, I should say!
  • Myndill: Greetings to you.

Normal dialogue

  • Do you have any news?
    • Player: Do you have any news?
    • After Birthright of the Dwarves
      • Wyndill: The Red Axe is defeated at last! I always knew they were up to no good - it was an ill omen that they left the city.
  • Do you have any quests?
    • Player: Do you have any quests?
    • Wyndill: Let me think for a moment... No, I have nothing that I could possibly want doing. Try they shops of the market instead.
  • See you later!
    • Player: See you later!
      • Possible responses
        • Myndill: And you!
        • Myndill: Perhaps!
    • (dialogue terminates)