Dialogue for Musa the Smith

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  • Player: Hello there!
  • Musa the Smith: You seem rather cheerful. Is there anything you're after?
  • Player: What can you tell me about Al Kharid?
    • Musa the Smith: Well, it's hot and full of sand.
    • Player: Anything else?
    • Musa the Smith: Don't ask me, I'm not from around here.
    • Player: So where are you from?
    • Musa the Smith: A town to the south of the Shantay Pass, called Pollnivneach.
  • Player: So what do you do here?
    • Musa the Smith: Not very much, at the moment. I came from further south to set up a smithy here...
    • Musa the Smith: ...but we still haven't set up the shops, so we have no customers yet.
  • Player: I hear you work for Ali Morrisane...
    • Musa the Smith: Yes, he's the one who persuaded us to come here.
    • Musa the Smith: He said we'd have lots of customers once we set up our shops, and all he asks for is a cut of the profits.
    • Player: Maybe I should talk to him...
    • Musa the Smith: Of course. He's always happy to talk to possible business partners.
  • Player: I hear you've been threatening the other shopkeepers.
    • Musa the Smith: What? Who's spreading that rumour?
    • Player: Well, one of the shopkeepers told me a man with a large hammer came to threaten them.
    • Musa the Smith: Don't pay any attention to those people.
    • Musa the Smith: They're just worried that they'll lose money when we open our shops.