Dialogue for Murky Matt (runes)

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Talking to Murky Matt[edit | edit source]

  • Player: A pirate!
  • Murky Matt (runes): Arrrr, How'd ye be guessing that, me-lad?
  • Player: You're kidding, right?
  • Murky Matt (runes): Nay! Now, what is it ye be wantin? I can tell ye all about the prices of runes, or perhaps I could combine the charges on yer teleport jewellery.
    • What's a pirate doing here?
      • Player: What's a pirate doing here?
      • Murky Matt (runes): By my sea-blistered skin, I could ask the same of you!
      • Player: But... I'm not a pirate?
      • Murky Matt (runes): No? Then what's that smell? The smell o' someone spent too long at sea without a bath!
      • Player: I think that's probably you.
      • Murky Matt (runes): Har har har! We've got a stern landlubber 'ere! Well, let me tell ye, I'm here for the Grand Exchange! Gonna cash in me loot!
      • Player: Don't you just want to sell it in a shop or trade it to someone specific?
      • Murky Matt (runes): By my wave-battered bones! Not when I can sell to the whole world from this very spot!
      • Player: You pirates are nothing but trouble! Why, once I travelled to Lunar Isle with a bunch of your type, and spent days sailing around in circles!
      • Murky Matt (runes): Then ye must know me brother! Murky Pat!
      • Player: Hmmm. Not so sure I remember him.
      • Murky Matt (runes): Well, 'e be on that ship for sure. And I remember 'im tellin' me about some guy like ye, getting all mixed up with curses and cabin boys.
      • Player: Yes! That was me!
      • Murky Matt (runes): Ye sure be a different character.
    • Tell me about the prices of runes.
      • Player: Tell me about the prices of runes.
      • Guide Prices: Runes opens up
    • Combine the charges on my teleport jewellery, please.
      • Player: Combine the charges on my teleport jewellery, please.
        • If there is nothing to combine
          • Murky Matt (runes): Arrr, there be nothing in yer inventory that I can combine.
          • (dialogue terminates)
        • If your inventory is empty
          • Murky Matt (runes): Arrr! Yer pockets are as empty as a ghost ship at an exorcism!
        • If you have jewellery to combine
          • {{Transcript missing}
    • I got to go, erm, swab some decks! Yarr!
      • Player: I got to go, erm, swab some decks! Yarr!
      • Murky Matt (runes): Defer your speech right there! Quit this derogatory and somewhat narrow-minded allusion that all folks of sea voyage are only concerned with washing the decks, looking after parrots and drinking rum. I'll have ye know there is much more to a pirate than meets the eye.
      • Player: Aye-aye, captain!
      • Murky Matt (runes): ...
      • Player: Oh, come on! Lighten up!
      • (dialogue terminates)

Overhead[edit | edit source]

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Murky Matt says these overhead occasionally

  • Murky Matt (runes): Sure be a busy day today.