Transcript of Mural (Sunken Pyramid)

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This transcript involves dialogue with Faiza and the player.

First mural[edit | edit source]

  • Faiza: It appears the magic of the Order is unravelling in reverse; let us hope I can tell this story so it makes sense to you. This mural tells of the final plan we made her at the Order before we went our separate ways. It was our plan to pass our knowledge down the generations. Each of us planned to leave the Kharidian region to take on a student of our own and train them to become a Slayer Master. They in turn would take on their own students in time so that our knowledge and our beliefs would be preserved throughout the ages. The fact that you stand before me today is proof that our plan succeeded.

Second mural[edit | edit source]

  • Faiza: With the last mural, I explained that our plan to pass down our knowledge through the ages was our final action here at the Order. However, I did not explain why it came to be our final action. We received word from my husband, another of the Slayer Masters, that Amascut was heading our way and the Order was in danger. Each of us were powerful but the Devourer's strength surpassed us all. As I mentioned, we made our plans to leave the Kharidian region to preserve our way and be out of her grasp. I meant to leave too, I swear I meant to leave. I waited here, and sure enough, she arrived. Gloating horribly, she explained how she had killed my husband, talking in detail of what she had done to him. The fury I felt in that moment! I'd like to say I put up a good fight, but in the centuries since then I have never forgotten how comprehensively she defeated me. Her final act was just as cruel - she bound my spirit to this point, just as she had done with my husband's, so that we would never be able to move on to the afterlife. So we would never be together again.

Third mural[edit | edit source]

  • Player: What was on this mural?
  • Faiza: It seems to have been destroyed with the passing of time.
  • Player: And you can't remember what was on there? But you helped create these...
  • Faiza: Sorry, the years have been unkind to my memory.

Fourth mural[edit | edit source]

  • Faiza: When my husband, Catolax, sent his message to us, he described a journey to Pollnivneach where he was tracking down a banshee larger than any he had ever encountered before. Following it back to its lair, he found a large cave system that had previously gone undiscovered. As he went deeper into the dungeon, Catolax wrote of finding a machine - he described it in detail as a twisted, evil thing. Just being in its presence, he felt life draining out of him. Getting closer, he saw that it bore the mark of the Devourer. Caught off guard, the banshee that Catolax had been tracking leapt at him and nearly killed him. He managed to strike a killing blow - and in doing so something escaped the creature and was absorbed into the machine. It was the creature's soul! It was in that moment that realization struck: Amascut was using this machine to gather all the souls from across the region so she could consume them. My husband wrote of his intentions to destroy the machine, but I never had the chance to find out if he succeeded.
  • Player: He did, you know? I've been to that dungeon and seen the machine. It's broken now.
  • Faiza: That's good to know. His life wasn't spent for nothing, then.

Fifth mural[edit | edit source]

  • Faiza: We are getting close to the start of the story. Despite all that I have described so far, our initial years as Slayer masters were good. Our first test as a team of Slayer Masters took us to Uzer where a group of demons were assembling, preparing to launch an attack across the region. Alongside the golems, we fought against them. We killed a good many, while others retreated back through a portal beneath the city. A group of priests managed to close the portal after they fled, protecting the city from future attacks. After all was settled, I remember returning to the surface and amongst the rubble I found a woman, with a baby held tight to her chest. I helped pull her out, and miracle that it was, both were alive with all but a few scratches. It was in that moment, stood with the other Slayer Masters, that I realized the difference we could make to the world.

Sixth mural[edit | edit source]

  • Faiza: And now we come to the end of our story, or should I say the beginnings. After the death of Tumeken, the Kharidian region entered a period of instability and it became a daily struggle for some of us to survive. With the gap in leadership, in-fighting became rife and those of us who survived also had to contend with the more abundant monsters that were emerging across the region. Then one day a woman approached Catolax and myself with an opportunity. She was creating a group, she explained, that would fight to preserve the safety of all that lived in the desert. She led us and five others to this very building where we founded the Order of the Slayer Masters. Each of us set across the region slaying the creatures that threatened the towns and villages; answering the calls of those who needed us. It felt good! The work was hard but we were heroes, and we were making a difference to those lives that we encountered. ... Unfortunately that memory is tainted now. For the woman that brought us together was her, the Devourer Amascut. Everything we did, every creature we killed was tied into her magic. The lives we thought we were saving...we were only making them worse. We were simply feeding Amascut a continual supply of souls that only led to strengthening her.
  • Player: How terrible.
  • Faiza: Indeed. And now you know the origins of the Order. Thankfully, as you are aware, we managed to preserve the training of becoming a Slayer Master while breaking away from her magic. I feel regret for allowing Amascut to manipulate us, but perhaps the good of the Order over the centuries repays the debt in some way.
    • You have made the world a better place.
      • Faiza: Thank you, Player. That offers me a little comfort.
    • Allowing Amascut to gain power can never be forgiven.
      • Faiza: I fear you are right. I only hope with time that I can gain my redemption.