Transcript of Mourning's End Part II journal entry

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  • I have told Arianwyn about the temple that the Mourners are looking for. He asked that I make sure they can't find it. I should make sure the Mourners haven't got the keys to the excavation site back yet.
  • It seems at last the Head Mourner has had copies of the key to the excavation site cut. He has given me one and had asked that I investigate the disappearance of one of the digging crews.
  • I have found both the dig crew and the temple, it looks like the dig crew were killed by Shadows at the main entrance to the temple. I should go and find this blackened crystal Arianwyn asked for.
  • I retrieved the blackened crystal, I should now return to Arianwyn with it.
  • I have found some mirrors and a crystal in a tray in the light maze.
  • I found some more mirrors and another crystal in a chest in the south-east corner, on the middle level of the light maze.
  • The chest in the north-east corner of the middle level had yet more mirrors in it.
  • In the south-west corner of the lowermost level I found yet another chest with a crystal in it.
  • Opening a chest in the north-west of the lowermost floor revealed two more mirrors and one more crystal.
  • The chest in the south-east of the lowermost floor had more mirrors and one more crystal.
  • Arianwyn summoned Eluned to make me a new copy of the crystal, I have given her the blackened crystal and I'm now waiting for her to make a new one.
  • Eluned has made me a new copy of the crystal, Arianwyn has asked that I now power the crystal by taking it to the altar at the end of the light temple, after that I must place it in amongst the shards from which it came.
  • I have replaced the new crystal and the safeguards are now back in place. I should go and inform Arianwyn.
  • I have told Arianwyn that the safeguards are back in place and also that the dwarves have made a new path to the altar. I'm told that he will send an emissary down to them to ensure that the Mourners can't access it.