Transcript of Mountain Daughter journal entry

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  • The chieftain of the mountain camp has allowed me to look for his lost daughter.
  • I have made the bark of a tree less slippery.
  • I discovered that the chieftain's daughter is dead and that her spirit can be heard on an island in the centre of a pool.
  • I have completed the first two tasks that the spirit of the daughter of the mountain camp chieftain gave me.
  • I found a man in a bearsuit, who has apparently killed the chieftains daughter.
  • He still has her corpse.
  • I have killed the man in the bearsuit.
  • I have convinced the chieftain of the mountain camp that his daughter is dead, by showing him her corpse.
  • I gave Asleif a proper burial. She has now returned to the earth both in spirit and in body.