Dialogue for Mostafa the Camel

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This transcript involves dialogue with Mostafa the Camel and the player.

Without Camulet[edit | edit source]

  • The camel eyes you wearily and readies a spit. You think better of saying anything.

Wearing the Camulet[edit | edit source]

  • PLAYER: Hello, camel.
  • Mostafa THE CAMEL: The name's Mostafa.
  • Select an option
    • Isn't it a lovely day?
      • Mostafa THE CAMEL: Lovely? I wouldn't call it lovely. Sun's hot, sand's hot and my feet are killing me.
      • PLAYER: Oh. Um... Well, can't you lie down in the shade or something?
      • Mostafa THE CAMEL: Shade? Around here? And you try lying down with a ton of granite on your back.
    • How are you?
      • Mostafa THE CAMEL: Terrible. These panniers chafe something rotten and I have a pain all down my left side.
      • PLAYER: Oh dear, that sounds nasty. Can't you take them off?
      • Mostafa THE CAMEL: Of course not. No thumbs.
      • PLAYER: Won't Aligra take them off?
      • Mostafa THE CAMEL: Certainly not - I'm the only way he's going to shift that lot of rock.
    • Do you enjoy your job?
      • Mostafa THE CAMEL: Horrible. I didn't ask to haul rock around. No one consulted
      • PLAYER: That's terrible! How did you start?
      • Mostafa THE CAMEL:I was just sitting there, contemplating the problem of writing out my proof to the twin prime problem without thumbs and then WHACK! I get this halter and whopping great panniers stuck on me and - before I know it - I'm loaded down with rock!