Transcript of Mosaic Crystals

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Opening Treasure Hunter for the first time during the promotion[edit | edit source]

  • (The following are seen in the tutorial interface:)
    • Mosaic Crystals
    • Your prizes are in the centre of the board, within each Crystal. Selecting a Crystal will spend a key, and earn the prize within it.
    • If you've earnt the prizes in an entire horizontal or diagonal Line, then you'll also earn the reward at the end of that Line.
    • Selecting Crystals (and earning some Line prizes) will also earn you progress on this track. When you reach certain progress milestones, you'll earn their rewards.
    • If you manage to complete the track, you'll unlock the next level, which has even better prizes!
    • If you don't like the look of your Crystal or Line prizes, you can spend oddments to 'Refresh' the board for a completely new set of Crystal and Line rewards. This refresh cost gets cheaper every time you spend a key.