Dialogue for Mordaut Jr.

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Talking to the NPC[edit | edit source]

Before unlocking the pet[edit | edit source]

  • Mordaut Jr.: *The baby dragon stares at you with wide eyes.*
  • Player: It's a mini Mordaut!
  • Mr. Mordaut: Indeed. The archaeologists' unearthed a strange egg recently, and this little fellow hatched from it shortly after. It appears that I am not unique among Taraket's creations. Junior here is a long-lost sibling, you could say. If you bring me enough boat materials, I would be happy to let him accompany you on your travels.

After unlocking the pet[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hey there little guy.
  • Mordaut Jr.: Greetings!
  • Mr. Mordaut: Ah, Player. I have a favour to ask.
  • Mr. Mordaut: I missed my chance to explore Gielinor in my formative years, but Mordaut Jr. still has that opportunity. Perhaps you could take him with you on your travels?
  • Player: What do you say, little guy? Do you want to come with me on my adventures?
  • Mordaut Jr.: *The baby dragon adjusts his glasses and nods his head.*