Dialogue for Moorrissey

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This transcript involves dialogue with Moorrissey and the player.

First time dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Moorrissey: Yes?
  • Player: Ahhh! It's a corrupted, talking Yak!
  • Moorrissey: Ugh, whatever.
  • Player: Um... are you OK?
  • Moorrissey: Yes? Of course I'm fine. Gods. Like, paint a picture, it will last longer. Do you want something?
  • (Continues below)

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • (If the Yak Track Task List has been lost:)
    • The player receives the Yak Track Task List.
    • (Continues below)
  • Moorrissey: Oh, it's you.
  • Select an option
    • How does the Yak Track work?
      • Player: How does the Yak Track work?
      • Moorrissey: You get to go on an adventure and earn rewards along the way. You can complete tasks to progress along the track. You will be given a choice between two tasks at a time, but you only need to complete one of them to progress. If you don't feel like doing either of them then you can use a task skip to move on. As you progress along the track you will earn rewards; Premier Club members and those who have purchased a Premier Pass will earn additional premium rewards. If you purchase a Premier Pass you will receive any premium rewards you would have been eligible for.
      • Player: Sounds great!
      • (Shows initial options)
    • Can you recommend any good music?
      • Player: Can you recommend any good music?
      • Moorrissey: I've been listening to a lot of 'Panyak! at the Disco' lately.
      • Player: What's a 'disco'?
      • Moorrissey: I have no clue. But I really like their music. I've been listening to 'Welcome to the Yak parade' on repeat all day...
      • Player: I'm amazed you convinced a musician to play on repeat for you.
      • Moorrissey: I'm paying them with exposure, you see. If you want to embrace your inner rage, try some 'Yak Sabbath'. 'Yak Veil Brides' are also really good. Or like, whatever you enjoy listening to. It's whatever.
      • (Shows initial options)
    • What's your backstory?
      • Player: What's your backstory?
      • Moorrissey: I was refusing to leave my barn, listening to Yak-182 and suffocating under the weight of the misery of life when a dark wizard asked me if I wanted to travel with her. She was brooding, mysterious, powerful... and had great eyeliner. I knew we were soulmates. So I was all like 'gods yes', you know?
      • Player: Err... sure.
      • Moorrissey: My mum tried to stop me, because of course she did. She keeps trying to tell me it's 'just a phase'. Like... what the Yak? Travelling with a dark wizard and being physically altered by the sinister forces they command isn't 'just a phase', SHARON.
      • The Yak angrily blows his bangs out of his eyes.
      • Player: I see. Thanks for sharing.
      • (Shows initial options)
    • Bye!
      • Player: Bye!
      • Moorrissey: Whatever.