Transcript of Month Ahead: December - RuneScape BTS #215

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] Unfortunately Santa couldn't make it this year for our December's Month Ahead.
[00:16] But never fear because Mod Mark is here bringing us the holiday antics coming this festive season
[00:21] plus our first look at Sliske's Endgame.
[00:25] We have all sorts of Christmas cheer planned for you this month,
[00:29] but the main piece of content is far from festive.
[00:33] Two and a half years since the world shook and the Sixth Age began.
[00:38] Get ready for Sliske's Endgame.
[00:41] The story so far has been riveting.
[00:44] Sliske, after killing Guthix and shaking up all the gods
[00:48] by promising the Stone of Jas to the victor of his cruel game,
[00:52] is preparing for the final showdown.
[00:54] In this epic finale, you'll see all the gods and battle winners come face to face once again
[01:01] as their scores are compared.
[01:02] The ending is quite something.
[01:05] A fitting end for this year's major storyline.
[01:08] The world will never be the same again.
[01:11] Rewards are suitably rewarding for a story of this magnitude.
[01:15] For the lore fans, this quest is positively dripping with story.
[01:19] Just read everything you find
[01:22] and there's a very healthy god-sized chunk of XP too.
[01:26] This really is a fantastic storyline,
[01:28] starting from "Missing Presumed Death" and the action in the Empyrean Citadel,
[01:33] we've helped organise heists in "Dishonour Amongst Thieves",
[01:36] we've been reunited with dead allies in "Nomad's Elegy",
[01:40] we tried to free the Barrows Brothers in "Kindred Spirits",
[01:43] and, only last month, we visited Freneskae and an Elder God
[01:47] to thwart plans to create a new universe in "The Children of Mah".
[01:52] Each part of this amazing quest chain is required to engage in the end game.
[01:57] It's a superb journey featuring some of the most popular quests of all time.
[02:02] We hope you enjoy this momentous conclusion.
[02:06] Once you've caught your breath and calmed down after Sliske's rollercoaster ride,
[02:11] why not chill out and enjoy some Christmas spirit.
[02:14] We have a full calendar of events for you.
[02:16] Just check out the Christmas tab on the community interface.
[02:20] We've got a specially-themed 15-year-anniversary Christmas event
[02:23] in which you can take a nostalgic trip to many of your favourite Christmas events from previous years
[02:29] with an interesting new twist.
[02:31] Expect a bunch of Christmas-themed skilling activities
[02:35] and cosmetic rewards for anyone who completes it.
[02:38] The festive aura is back, giving a bonus 50% XP with a 50k cap each day.
[02:44] We have six Winter Weekends starting in December and continuing well into January,
[02:49] offering bonus rewards for the Arc, skilling, bossing and slayer,
[02:53] clue scrolls, minigames, Player Owned Ports and Dungeoneering.
[02:57] There's an advent calendar too with a new prize on offer each and every day,
[03:01] with plenty of ways to catch up if you miss a day while you're off on your Christmas shopping.
[03:05] Keep an eye out for daily freebies like elite skilling outfit pieces
[03:09] and spring cleaners cause they'll be on Treasure Hunter too.
[03:13] And there's plenty of community-orientated activities too,
[03:17] with Christmas challenges and winter sweepstakes and competitions on offer.
[03:21] Don't forget this year's outstanding Premier Club,
[03:24] filled with unique rewards and membership deals.
[03:27] And finally Merry Christmas from everyone here at Jagex.
[03:31] Whatever you play, have fun doing it.
[03:34] Wooters out.
[03:36] The ninjas are taking over next week as we take a look at this year's Christmas event.
[03:41] Don't miss out on our Winter sweepstakes, forum challenges and Instagram competition,
[03:46] where you can win a gaming laptop and Premier Club membership.
[03:49] For more details, head over to the website.