Dialogue for Monkey (Magic carpet)

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Who's a cute little monkey?
  • Monkey: Who's an ugly human? Give me a banana!
  • Player: What's up with you?
  • Monkey: Stupid human! Give monkey a banana!
    • If you do not have a banana in your inventory:
      • Player: Sorry monkey, I don't have any bananas.
      • Monkey: Aghhh. You're a rubbish human, get monkey a banana now.
    • If you have a banana in your inventory:
      • Select an option
        • Give the monkey a banana.
          • Monkey: Ha ha! Smelly human gave monkey a banana.
          • Player: Wow you're one nasty piece of work. Have you ever heard of gratitude?
          • Monkey: Hey baldy, give monkey another banana!
          • Player: Just because I'm not covered in fur doesn't make me bald, you cheeky monkey.
          • Monkey: Monkey wants another banana now! Give me, give me!
          • Player: Look I've had it with you, you little degenerate.
        • Don't give it a banana.
          • Player: I'll not give you a banana until you learn manners.