Dialogue for Molly and Moira

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Varrock[edit | edit source]

  • Molly: Hello, there! I'm Molly!
  • Moira: Urgh, you're such a goody two-shoes. He could be anyone... might even be here to steal all our stuff.
  • Molly: Don't mind old grumpy over there - she's more likely to steal something from you. She's my evil twin.
  • Moira: I do have a name, you know! It's Moira - not that anyone cares. And if you're the 'good' twin, why do you say such mean things? I AM your sister, you know.
  • (Smoke animation on both twins.)
  • Player: Er... what just happened? Did you two just switch places?
  • Molly: My 'evil' sister was suggesting that although I'm the 'good' twin, she thinks I'm a bad SISTER. And after everything I've done for you, you're so...so...ungrateful!
  • Moira: ME ungrateful? Who is it that's been putting food on the table and keeping a roof over our heads? All you volunteer work and 'kind deeds' don't exactly pay the bills around here.
  • (Smoke animation on both twins.)
  • Players: Are you teleporting? Swapping personalities? Are you even aware of what's happening? Of me?
  • Molly: But you don't have to resort to a life of crime! Get some honest work. You've brought so much shame on our family!
  • Moira: You mean on YOU! You think I make you look bad.
  • (Smoke animation on both twins.)
  • Player: You two are REALLY confusing.
  • Molly: Well, we are twins! People catch you stealing, then when they see me all I get is dirty looks and tutting. I was nearly arrested again just last week!
  • Moira: Yeah, so? Actually, you make a good point. Look, let's not fight. We have company.
  • (Smoke animation on both twins.)
  • Player: Nope, I give up. I'll just get goi-
  • Molly: Oh, you're right! How silly of me. Hello, there! I'm Molly!
  • Players: Are you sure about that? You might be Moira again if you give it a second.
  • Molly: What an odd thing to say. Of course I'm Mo-
  • Player: Hello! I'm leaving!
  • Moira: Just ignore him, sis. He's clearly a weirdo.
  • (Dialogue terminates)