Dialogue for Moldof

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This transcript involves dialogue with Moldof and the player.

Before Royal Trouble[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Excuse me...
  • Moldof: What is it?
  • (Continues with one of the following dialogues:)
    • (Dialogue 1:)
      • Player: Can you tell me anything about the castle?
      • Moldof: There aren't many guards in it. We don't have an army, you see.
    • (Dialogue 2:)
      • Player: How's life in Etceteria?
      • Moldof: *sigh* Times are tough. Though they're getting better.
    • (Dialogue 3:)
      • Player: How's the weather doing?
      • Moldof: Could be better.
    • (Dialogue 4:)
      • Player: Nice town you have here.
      • Moldof: Thank you.
    • (Dialogue 5:)
      • Player: What's it like being an Etceterian?
      • Moldof: Fairly pleasant, though it gets cold in the winter.