Transcript of Moksha

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My new group have been spending more and more time at the ritual site. Mostly, we just lounge around and talk, smoke, chant, carouse and fornicate, all in a bid to expand our consciousnesses. We are not Dactyl, and an ability such as this cannot be studied so scientifically. Indeed, this approach has already borne fruit.

Today, one of the younger kin brought a salamander into the site. It was one of the tiny see-through ones we use as test subjects at the outpost, given how close their physiology is to ours, limb regeneration included. He projected his mind INTO the animal and was directly controlling its actions, not just coercing them. The effect lasted only a few seconds, but it was undeniable. He had shifted part of his own consciousness into another being. This is unprecedented among the kin.

It immediately set my own mind racing with possibility, of future applications for the cosmic-based tools we are discovering every day. I envisage a device that will assist in this endeavour, and possibly one day be able to transplant any kin's consciousness into a separate being, permanently should they wish. Something like this might have helped saved Varanus, for while his body lay dying, wracked with poison, his mind remained as sharp as ever.

Such a device is going to require a lot of gold to construct, given that metal's conductive properties and ability to retain enchantment. I have reported this back to Maragan, who is working on sourcing this gold. It will take time, as all of this must be done in secret.

-'Skeka', Aughra mystic