Transcript of Mods MMG, Rory & Kamao take on the Ice Bucket Challenge!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] tell me this one time hi everyone I'm
[00:08] mark Tara CEO Jang and here we have our
[00:11] fearless teams representing both
[00:13] runescape and transformers universe and
[00:16] we've accepted the ice challenge for the
[00:19] motor neuron disease charity I'm
[00:22] terrified that was my diver hunter yeah
[00:26] the mud War II it was nominated by spin
[00:29] dash to the runescape community and I
[00:31] nominate mud Slayer wherever she is
[00:33] modern finity for his precious hair and
[00:36] George Sampson you're nominated go
[00:52] geico yes good point hi I'm what khmer
[00:59] and i was nominated by my mum who works
[01:01] in the most in your own disease to do
[01:02] the ice bucket challenge I nominate
[01:04] mater luna muddly and mod MMG i had
[01:28] modern mg and i was nominated by mon
[01:31] tomorrow for the motor neuron disease
[01:33] ice challenge and i would like to
[01:36] challenge firstly my helpful assistant 1
[01:40] 2 3 & mon tips all right 12
[02:19] you