Dialogue for Mod Kelvin (NPC)

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  • Option 1: Tell me about The Drop: Customer Support Edition.
    • Mod Kelvin: I'm Mod Kelvin, and I am here to raise awareness of the Customer Support team.
    • Mod Kelvin: We have a special set of questions set up for The Drop. If you get them all right, you get a new title!
  • Option 2: Enter The Drop: Customer Support Edition.
    • Enters The Drop and leaves chat
  • Option 3: What are the rewards?
  • Option 4: Farewell.
    • Mod Kelvin: Ah, if you get all the answers correct, you can get the limited edition title, 'the Knowledgeable' and a large bonus XP star!
    • Mod Kelvin: You've got to get them all right in 1 go though to get the title, so keep trying!
    • Exits chat