Dialogue for Mistag

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Mistag: Hello, friend?
  • Player: Can I sell you some ore?
    • Mistag: Certainly. I will buy any iron or silver ore you mine. Speak to me again when you have some.
    • dialogue ends
  • Player: Why do the Dorgeshuun live underground?
    • Mistag: Our ancient legends say that goblins were created by an evil god in order to fight in a huge way. This god sent the Dorgeshuun tribe to fight a battle where all would die. But our ancestors escaped by hiding in a deep hole in the ground where our god could not find us. Eventually an earthquake sealed the hole and they were forever safe.
    • Player: The war is over now, so you can return to the surface.
      • Mistag: Even if the gods are no longer at war, I find it hard to believe that a tribe of peaceful goblins would be safe above. I have heard of humans coming down into the daves to slaughter our people! But even if we could return, we would not want to. We are adapted to living underground, and we have built a home for ourselves that we do not want to leave.
      • dialogue ends.
    • Player: What was the name of your god?
      • Mistag: Our ancestors did not speak his name, thinking that to do so would attract his attention. His name has been unspoken for so long that it is now entirely forgotten. That is for the best. We have survived perfectly well without the gods, and we do not want a return to the old ways.
      • dialogue ends.
  • Player: What happened to your arm?
    • Mistag: I lost it in a mining accident a few years ago. This area is very unstable. That's why we put markers on the wall showing the safest path.
    • dialogue ends.
  • Player: Can you show me the way out of the mines?
    • Mistag: Certainly. Come back soon!
    • Mistag leads you out of the mines
  • Player: Can you show me the way to water mill cellar?
    • Mistag: Certainly. Come back soon!
    • Mistag leads you out of the mines

Using Brooch on Mistag (after Lost Tribe)[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Is this your brooch?
  • Mistag: Yes! I thought I'd lost it. Thank you. Have one of these helmets. It will be useful if you want to work in the mine.