Transcript of Mission Report: Everlight Silvthril

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Mission Report: Everlight Silvthril

My first mission was to retrieve samples of the silver/mithril alloy that Saradomin's icyene troops made use of. The alliance between Saradomin and Armadyl was a tenuous one, borne more of necessity than any true meeting of ideals. Nevertheless, while the alliance held, there was still a meeting of minds between each god's followers.

The icyene, though often fanatical in their righteous beliefs, were clearly at least trying to bring some light into these dark times. One such way was their establishment of a tournament known as the Dominion Games. To begin with, it was held solely for the icyene, but slowly over time, they brought in their allies to the fold - centaurs, sirens from the east, and eventually even humans. The olive branch was extended even to allow a representative from the Ikovians, which was the perfect cover for me. Travel to Hallowvale was long and somewhat treacherous, even making use of Armadyl's network of citadels, but recent wars had died down, so most athletes made their way to the Games unscathed.

It was easy enough to pocket some silvthril samples. It was such an innocuous thing to want to steal, and various equipment for the games was provided to us athletes. I even managed to win a silver medal in one of my events! That is a sample I shall be keeping for myself as a memento; there is plenty enough for 'Howl' to work with.