Transcript of Missing, Presumed Death journal entry

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  • I spoke to Brother Samwell on the road to the temple north of Varrock Dig Site.
  • He wanted me to help him find the killer by looking for clues.
  • I found all the clues at the scene of the monks' murder, so I went to find a witness.
  • I interrogated the Odd Old Man and returned to Brother Samwell.
  • I spoke to Brother Samwell and went to see if the killer left a trail when they escaped.
  • I spoke to Blaze Sharpeye and found all the clues at the scene of the elf's murder.
  • Brother Samwell suggested I seek out Wizard Valina at the Wizards' Tower - south of Draynor Village - so I went to find her.
  • I found Wizard Valina at the Wizards' Tower and learned everything she knew about the clues.
  • I found out as much information about the killings as possible and accused the person I believed to be the killer.
  • After making an accusation, Icthlarin appeared from the Underworld.
  • I spoke to Icthlarin and found out why he was at the crime scene.
  • I joined Icthlarin in his search for Death.
  • I helped defeat the ambush of undead wights and spoke to Icthlarin. The talking box I found invited Icthlarin to Sliske's ascension.
  • Icthlarin and I figured out that Sliske set up the crimescenes to lure the gods to his ascension.
  • I watched Icthlarin teleport the bodies and their tormented souls for safekeeping at Death's mansion.
  • I used the invitation box to teleport myself and Icthlarin to the Empyrean Citadel.
  • I spoke to Icthlarin at the entrance to the citadel.
  • I spoke to some of the followers and told Icthlarin I was ready to enter the citadel.
  • After watching Icthlarin enter, Zemouregal tried and was struck down, so I found another way in.
  • I found my own way into the citadel and started working my way through the chambers in search of Death.
  • I used the viewing panel and was greeted by two more talking masks called Light and Shadow.
  • I solved the shadow puzzle.
  • I moved on to the next chamber.
  • I spoke to the mask attached to the statue. It said it would release Death if I solved the riddle it posed.
  • I solved the riddle given to me by the mask attached to the statue of Death.
  • After speaking to the gods, I heard Sliske's challenge. Then, Sliske released the dragonkin.
  • I rescued Death, who retrieved his scythe and teleported us out of the citadel to safety.
  • I spoke to Death and Icthlarin, who explained what they will do now.
  • I spoke to Brother Samwell about what happened. He was emotionally traumatised, but pleased for the ordeal to be over.
  • He gave me some rewards as thanks for helping him find the killer. I can also use my invitation box to teleport to the Empyrean Citadel and receive high-level rewards.