Dialogue for Mishkal'un Dorn

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  • Mishkal'un Dorn: You are excused. And you are welcome.
  • Player: Excuse me...er...thanks.
  • Mishkal'un Dorn: We are the Order of the Dagon'hai.
  • Player: Who are you?
  • Mishkal'un Dorn: Through my magic, I can see a short way into the future.
  • Player: How do you seem to know what I'm going to say? ...Er...oh.
  • Mishkal'un Dorn: These are the Tunnels of Chaos.
  • Player: What is...uh...aha! I'm not going to ask that. So you got it wrong!
  • Mishkal'un Dorn: Indeed. You are very clever.
  • Player: So I won!
  • Mishkal'un Dorn: Yes.
  • Player: So, what is this place? I mean...Argh! How do you do that?
  • Mishkal'un Dorn: I can tell that your mind is not suited to the paradoxicalities of precognition.
  • Player: My what does what now?
  • Mishkal'un Dorn: You get confused very easily.
  • Player: I knew that.
  • Mishkal'un Dorn: Of course you did. Speak to one of my order here. They will be able to explain in a manner more suited to your understanding. You are welcome, Player. There is a bed around here if you wish.
  • Player: Thanks. My name's Player, by the w...uh...okay, I think I need to lie down.